Business meeting

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Mon April 18 2011, 06:36 AM
Business meeting

During Oklahombres Claremore Rendezvous, our Board of Directors had a business meeting to discuss business. He currently have 86 hombres members and are growing. Our journal has finally caught up to where it should be and R. D. and his wife are working on the next one. We will need more stories, photos, etc. to include in upcoming journals, so please help out. The Board felt like we need to elect a President as we hadn't done so since Roy Young stepped down as the President. They elected me to step up to the position of President, and Laurence Yadon is the VP. All other Board members will remain as is for the moment. Dee Cordry is our web provider and acted in the capcity as the President in the last few years. Thanks to him as the Oklahombres web page is an important tool for us to discuss lawmen/outlaw history, events, and other interesting items. We hope to gain new members in the future who will be more active in our great organization. Plans were discussed for future rendezvous and I hope more in-state members will attend. Thanks for your support.