Law Enforcement Day
Press Release –
"Outlaws and Lawmen of the Depression Era" - July 21, 2007

On display in the Exhibit Hall at Three Rivers Museum will be a Model A Ford with 52 bullet holes, reported to be the getaway car of "Pretty Boy" Floyd from a 1932 episode.

The event will include a talk at 10:30 by Dee Cordry, author of a new book Alive if Possible, Dead if Necessary, 1907-1929. Cordry is currently an agent of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Also scheduled, at 1:30, is a talk by R.D. Morgan regarding the "Severs Hotel Murders" that occurred in Muskogee in April of 1930. Morgan is the author of several books on gangsters: Bad Boys of the Cookson Hills, Bandit Kings of the Cookson Hills, and Tri-State Terror, the Life and Crimes of William Underhill. A new book, due out for the Centennial this fall will be Taming the Sooner State: The War Between Lawmen and Outlaws 1890-1940. Morgan was recently a consultant for the History Channel on "Crime Wave", an episode to air in August.

The group will then caravan to the Severs Hotel to tour the exact spot where the murders took place. Following this, a trip to Greenhill Cemetery will show where the graves of over 20 figures from lawmen and outlaw history are buried, including six lawmen that were involved in the Severs case.

Both speakers, as well as Michael Koch, author of "The Kimes Gang" will have copies of their books on hand for autographs. All three are members of the OklahombreS, a national organization that studies outlaws and lawmen.

To contrast the "bad guys" with the "good guys", members of the Muskogee Police Department will display peacekeeping methods of the K-9 Unit, SWAT Unit, Mounted Patrol, and Uniformed Officers. The U.S. Marshal Service staff will also present an exhibit of some of the equipment they use in the performance of their duties.

For information, call 686-6624. Three Rivers Museum is at 220 Elgin in Muskogee, OK.
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Looking for a good turn out Saturday and an enjoyable day with old friends and new friends. Hope to see everyone there.
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Hi all,

Since nobody has heard from Dee in over two months and time is running out, I propose that we look at another possible site for a fall rendezvous. Our resent Muskogee trip to the Three Rivers Musuem was very good. They have enough room at their facility to hold around 50 people. Would anyone like to commandeer a fall rendezvous in Muskogee???? This is open for discussion and /or any other locations, if the membership is still wishing to have a fall rendezvous. Lets chat on this people!
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I am what you would categorize as a "newbie" to all this. While I have met a few of the membership, would like to meet more of the association members.

I'm finding that Oklahoma has an exciting and turbelent history not generally known. Exploring, documenting, and sharing this history is part of what the association is all about.

Regardless of where a meeting might be held, it can only be good for the association. Will support whatever the group decides to do.
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Thanks for the support. Now, we need someone or a group of members to volunteer to do the leg work. If not, we'll miss out on our 100th year as a state and we have so much to offer to our members at hand and others.
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As the Chairman of the Three Rivers Museum and the host of the recent Law Enforcement day, we would be happy to help in any way possible for a Muskogee Rendezvous. If some one would set up the basic program, I can help with the logistics and publicity in Muskogee. I could set up the hotel, restaurants, etc. Just let me know if this is what you would like to do and what dates if this is agreed to.

Roger Bell
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