Special 40 Page Hombres Journal

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Tue June 24 2008, 06:56 AM
Special 40 Page Hombres Journal
The next issue of the quarterly Oklahombres Journal will be mailed July 1st to all current Oklahombres members. This will be a Special 40 page Oklahombres Journal. Be sure your dues are in by then.
If you are not already an Hombres member and would like to become one and receive the high quality, informative quarterly Journal just send $25 ($35 if living outside the US) for your annual dues. Make check payable to "Oklahombres" and send it to me as soon as possible to receive this special issue. You won't want to miss this or a single future issue with the many interesting stories of Oklahoma's history of outlaws and lawmen.
Enjoy your day on the trail,

Dennis L. Lippe, Treasurer
Oklahombres, Inc.
PO Box 10967
Oklahoma City, OK 73140-1967

e-mail: Okhombre97@aol.com
Fri July 04 2008, 09:54 PM
Dennis & Karen (Editor),

Just received my copy of the Oklahombres Journal, Special Edition - Spring 2008, and it is SPECTACULAR!

The stories are ALL "great", extremely interesting and exciting. The "layout" of the photos, and other exhibits, and the text-structure is perfect. Fantastic! Great Job!
Tue July 15 2008, 11:12 AM
Hope to see a large contingent of Oklahomans at the WWHA in Tulsa this week. See you there!
Tue July 15 2008, 12:45 PM
Those going to the Wild West History Assoc Conference in Tulsa be sure and stop by the Oklahombres booth and see many of the past issues of the Journal of years past, the many stories published in them and sign up as a member of Oklahombres, if not already one, so you won't miss another exciting issue and receive a copy of the Special Journal at the Conference. Otherwise you may still join by mail and receive a copy of the Special Journal.