Oklahombres is in need of people interested in the history of lawmen and outlaws in Oklahoma from before statehood to 1940. If interested in joining us send a check for your annual dues in the amount of $25 ($35 if living outside of US)made payable to "Oklahombres" to PO Box 10967, Oklahoma City, OK 73140-1967.
We are also in need of articles. We have merely scratched the surface in terms of knowing and understanding the rich history of our state's law enforcement community. So if you know of a lawman or an outlaw, or an event involving outlaws and lawmen, write it up and submit it to our editor.
If you are in need of information on something posted in prior issues of the journal, be aware, past issues of the Journal are available for purchase. There are some really great stories in past volumes, with information so unique it is unavailable anywhere else.
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