news: OK Law Enforcement Hall of Fame

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Wed November 25 2009, 07:23 AM
news: OK Law Enforcement Hall of Fame
CHANDLER, Okla. -- The first seven members of the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Hall of Fame have been selected.

The group includes early day Oklahoma lawmen Bill Tilghman, Heck Thomas and Chris Madsen. The others are University of Central Oklahoma President Roger Webb, the late Bob Lester, Richard Bryant and Bob Macy.

Webb and Lester were Oklahoma Department of Public Safety commissioners, Bryant is a retired Oklahoma City police lieutenant and Macy is a former police officer, judge and Oklahoma County district attorney.

The hall of fame is part of the emerging Oklahoma Law Enforcement Museum in Chandler.
The seven will be inducted Dec. 6 at the Route 66 Interpretive Center in Chandler.

http://www.koco.com/news/21714523/detail.html http://www.koco.com/news/21714523/detail.html

Dee Cordry
Oklahombres.org webmaster
Thu December 03 2009, 12:57 PM
The Retired Oklahoma City Police Lieutenant is Richard Boyd. Past National President of the Fraternal Order of Police as well as Past State FOP President and one of the founders of the Oklahoma City FOP Lodge back in late 1967. He is still very active in police labor across Oklahoma and the Nation.