Online Behavior

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Mon January 31 2011, 01:45 PM
Online Behavior

It has become necessary for me to remove some of the posts from this forum and to suspend the accounts of some forum members. I will not tolerate improper behavior on this website.

If another user has posted information that you do not agree with, and you choose to respond to that post, then do it in a polite, proper way. Attacks against users of this web site are not acceptable.

The people of Oklahombres who answer questions here are VOLUNTEERS who are entitled to be treated politely. I will see to it that any user who behaves otherwise will be suspended.

I hope this is the last time I have to make this annoucement.

Dee Cordry
Oklahombres.org webmaster
Tue February 01 2011, 03:41 PM
Gus Rush
Does this " Statute of Exiling" from the forum by the `honorable webmaster' have any time off for good behavior, penciled into it or not ? Just a wondering, my old 1/2 brother (Homer_J) has served over 2 years since being banished by ya'll. He's been a model blogger,looked up too and down at by the Osages over on the OsageShareholders.com Site, worn out the Bartlesville Topix Forum, Pawhuska Topix Forums,BigHeartTimes the sole creator of http://www.osagecountytribute.com, http://www.tributetoosagecounty.ning.com, http://www.osagemineralrightsholdersfiasco.ning.com , http://www.Osage1700Party.com , http://www.osageblackgold.com http://www.osageorangecasino.com, http://www.osagejukebox.com,ht...ecountyfootball.com, http://www.osagecountyfishing.com ,http://www.osagepast.net, http://www.osagepast(BlogTalkRadioShow) and thousands of words most his own, a few fair use , a few more plagiarized like the rest of you know who's. Homer_J if you Google his name Homer_J it'll come out ahead of Homer J Simpson with over 3 million hits. He has often said he got his start on the Oklahombres site before being kick off. No, real hard feelings linger against anyone that was involve in the sentence of old (Homer_J) as long as it wasn't a perpetual exile. So take another look at Old Homer_J ,he may be one wordy, worthy candidate for reinstating to the forum as a member on parole.