Taming the Sooner State

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Sun December 16 2007, 08:45 AM
Taming the Sooner State
Hi all,

I would like to announce a new book by R. D. Morgan, which is entitled "Taming the Sooner State: The War Between Lawmen & Outlaws in Oklahoma & Indian Territory 1875-1941." Pre-orders are now available at WWW.Newforums.com at a low price of $25.95 plus $5.00 for shipping, for a total of $30.95. This would be a great Christmas gift for anyone wanting a book with an extensive history of lawmen and outlaw activities in the Sooner state. Payment can be by check, purchase order or by credit card. You can contact New Forums Press, Inc at (800) 606-3766 or by Fax at (405) 377-2237 to purchase this wonderful addition to anyone's library. Have a happy and joyful Christmas.
Sun December 16 2007, 09:08 PM
I can attest as well that R.D. Morgan's new book Taming the Sooner State, due for December release, is the most comprehensive and accurate volume to date on Oklahoma outlaws and lawmen from the territorial days through
the Depression. It covers in detail virtually all the '20s and '30s bandits who either lived in or frequented Oklahoma, tells where they're all planted, and has the most fantastic photo collection I've ever seen in any book. It's one of the greatest things in crime history since Cain invented murder and used it
on his brother Abel and may be pre-ordered now.

Rick Mattix

Tue December 18 2007, 06:03 AM
Do you know if this book talks about William Campbell and/or Plez Clark? Among other things, they robbed the bank in Asher, OK on 2 or 3 Jan., 1929. My father worked there at the time and was taken hostage by them.
Sun March 09 2008, 01:10 PM
Angela Iversen
My granny was a little girl living in the Cookson Hills during the depression.