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The holiday season is upon us and several Oklahombres members have books for sell. These would make a great gift for friends and family alike. Many of their books are currently on the top 100 list of books concerning Oklahoma. Mike Tower, Art Burton, R. D. Morgan, Rick Mattix, Bob Alexander, Laurence Yadon, Ken Butler, and Dee Cordry to name a few have wonderful books to offer the public. Please support our local authors and help support these writers of Oklahombres. Have a wonderful holiday season!
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Thanks for including my book (The Complete Public Enemy Almanac) in the X-mas Season message there, Mike. I'd like to add a shameless plug of my own that subscriptions to the On the Spot Journal also make great gifts. The current issue (Fall 2008) is themed around Pretty Boy Floyd and judging from our email responses from readers is very popular. Our next issue features a cover story by Mike Koch on the murder of Sheriff Calvin Leroy Kelly in West Plains, MO by the Barker-Karpis Gang.

Rick Mattix
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FYI, OU Press has its annual Christmas Sale going on right now. I noted there were several that would appeal to our folks such as the book that came out a couple years ago on Isaac Parker, some of Bob DeArment's books are on there, etc. Most are discounted by at least 30% and there some lesser titles that are discounted up to 90%. Might be worth a look. The address is www.oupress.com and the link is on the bottom right.

On the Trail
Diron Ahlquist
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