Helmer & Mattix New Book

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Wed July 18 2007, 02:56 PM
Helmer & Mattix New Book
Has anyone else received their copy of "The Complete Public Enemy Almanac" by Wm. Helmer and Rick Mattix?
I am amazed that they have so much compiled in one book. It's the library of outlaw and gangster facts.
I ordered the hardback (signed by both Helmer and Mattix). Everyone interested in the Gangster era should have this book.
Thu July 19 2007, 06:58 AM
Thanks, SapulpaGal. Bill Helmer and myself each have a few copies of the book signed by both of us and a number of unsigned copies as well. I'm offering mine for sale at $25 --shipping included (list price is $28.95). We only have a few copies signed by both of us at this time. These are hardcovers and near as I can tell most of the bookstores at this time seem to carry only the paperback edition.

The book is national in scope but contains a great amount of Oklahoma material. It is no mere rehash of our old book Public Enemies but virtually a new book, vastly expanded (670 pgs) and corrected and with tons of new material, including previously unpublished photos and documents. You can get a sneak peak at its scope at:

or at www.cumberlandhouse.com.
If interested, shoot me an email at rickmattix@yahoo.com.

Rick Mattix