"The Cave" in Tulsa
I own a little landmark in Tulsa, originally opened as "The Cave". Although it was opened as a chicken restaurant, it was rumored to be a "speakeasy" as well.
After the original owners, Joseph Koberling Sr., and Joseph Purzer, it has been told the place was used for bootlegging purposes maybe even into the late 60's.
The names of Bill and Ella Walker (aka -rag lady) are brought up as perhaps the latest in the line of bootleggers who used the place. It is located across from Newblock Park, and I've been told by many, tunnels and sealed off rooms exist there that were once used in the bootlegging trade. I would love to hear any stories, rumors, legends associated with this place, or any of it's previous occupants.
I know it was a pretty active "watering hole" in the 40's and 50's. The interest in this place has been so overwhelming I have begun tours of this unique little spot. Would love to know more about it!!!!!
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