Charles Aurthur Floyd
Died on this day, 75 years ago, October 22,1934.

Sounds like a long time ago, and it was, but it doesn't seem so long ago, to those who surround themselves with history.

( formerly Cowboy Dan)

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A few years back one-time Haskell, Oklahoma, resident Glen Lashley shared a
letter with me that he had recently received from his boyhood pal, C. D.
"Jackie" Floyd (Son of Pretty Boy Floyd.) In the letter was a poem Jackie had
written comparing his outlaw father and uncle E. W. Floyd, longtime sheriff of
Sequoyah County. I've shared the poem with a few folks so some of you may have
already seen it. Here goes:

A good Christian mother had two sons
One became a lawman
The other enemy number one
If we look at this story we will find
There is a mighty fine line between respectability and crime

E W's love for his older brother was mighty strong
Even if it was a life of crime, he wanted to go along
Charlie knew a hunted man's pleasures were few
Brother don't take to this life whatever you do
I gave up my wife and son, my only companion is my gun

His love for his family and friends was legend
To the very end
People tell of money to pay the mortgage on the farm
And how they gave him blankets to keep him warm
He lived a life too fast and bold
And died only thirty years old

E W never forgot those words so true
Little brother, make our Mama proud of you
Two men who lived by the gun
One a lawman, the other public enemy number one
Only a mother knows what a mighty fine line
Lies between respectability and crime

Jackie added: "I hope you like this poem.I tried to pick up the story where
Woody Guthrie stopped"......R. D.
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