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Harry Campbell and Gertrude Billiter
Am searching out Harry Campbell who was my 2 cousin 3X removed and come across something that I need some imput on if possible please.

According to various reports Harry Campbell married Gertrude Billiter in Bowling Green Wood Co Ohio May 19 1935 Now what I am finding is he married her under the name Robert Miller and other reports say he married her under the name of Clarence C Miller... I can't find anything on a marriage under either name in various Ohio marriage indexs. Would anyone know which one was right?

Also Harry had married in Casper Wy area a Mildred Delphy Rheinsmith befor 1926 when daughter was br.

In a article in the Titusville Herald [Pennsylvania] , February 7, 1935 pg 2 that has a somewhat informative write up on Harry

Wanted Bandit Born Near Oil City Harry Campbell Who Escaped with Alvin Karpis Spent Boyhood at McClintockville Lived There 13 Years

Mentions his parents sisters and brothers and wife Mrs Mickey [Mildred Delphy Rheinsmith] Campbell wife Pampa Texas Does anyone know if he ever divorced her or her him?

Am enjoying finding info on Harry as he has made the family tree very interesting.

Any help appricated here.
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This has nothing to do with your question, but your post prompted a question of mine.
Was Harry Campbell any relation to a William Campbell who robbed the Asher, OK bank in Jan. 1930?
My dad was the bookkeeper in the bank and was taken hostage, along with the cashier, during the robbery.
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No not that I know of or have come across anything that would connect him to a Wm Campbell so far.

All the Wm's in my tree were in Pennsylvania I have alot of Campbell's in the family tree and Harry is the only one so far I have found that was a headliner in the papers.

Harry's line of Campbells was the first line to go to Okla that I have found They left Pennsylvania after 1910. This line of Campbells were in the Oil business and went to Ok Wy and Tx to work in the oil fields.
Harry's dad was an inspector for a oil co in 1920 His brother Clell worked in the oil business and ended up in Casper Wy. Harry was there in 1930 married with daughter and working in the oil fields which didn't last long it seems. Brother George was in the oil business ended up in Tx So far they are the 1st line of my Campbells to go to Ok.

Campbell is a very common name.

If you had a bit more info on this William Campbell I might be able to search him out for you.
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harry campbell married billiter using the name bob miller. they eventually bought a camping trailer and set it up in her mother's yard. they remained in the trailer for two or three mnoths.
gertrude was quite surprised, allegedly, that Bob turned out to be Harry campbell when the fbi came calling. they believed her.
campbell bought gertrude a dog using a reference from a drinking buddy who turned out to be the sheriff in that Ohio county.
boy, was the sheriff embarrassed later. the newspapers had a field day.
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Thank you for the info you posted. Where did you find this at?

Not come across it so far in my searching Harry out. Guess I better go and find the old newspapers from that area in Ohio and see what they tell me.

I did find a FBI report that if I read it right said that Gertrude was a call girl that worked at Edward and Clare McGraws house of assiguation
and was introduced to Harry as Bob Brown.

Guess I better do some digging around

Thanks again
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You may already have all of this, but if not, it might be of some small interest to you or others reading this thread. This was transcribed by me from a nearly illegeble newspaper account, so there may be some mispellings.

From The Times Recorder, Zanesville, Ohio, Friday, May 8, 1936:

Sheriff Knew "Bob Miller'
But Not Harry Campbell
TOLEDO. O., May 7—(AP)—
Sherriff James O'Reilly said tonight he had known for several months a "Bob Miller" who proved today to be Harry Campbell, taken into custody early today by federal agents. The sheriff said he owned a dog
which he kept at a cafe on Monroe street near the apartment in, which
"Miller" was captured. The operator of the cafe asked him where "Bob Miller" could buy a similar dog, the sheriff said, and after "Miller" had purchased a dog the sheriff became acquainted with him.
O'Reilly said he saw "Miller" in the cafe several times and spoke to
him. The sheriff said he had thought Harry Campbell was a larger man
than "Miller" and had not suspected the man.

Harry Campbell Taken to St. Paul, Kidnap Charge Pal of Alvin Karpis Is Arrested at Apartment in Toledo
ST. PAUL, May 7. — (AP) —
In a capture that was almost a copy of that of his erstwhile gang chief Alvin
Karpis. Harry Campbell, last uncaught principal of the Barker-Karpis
gang, was seized at dawn today In Toledo, Ohio, bundled into an airplane, and whisked here for questioning about a long series of kidnappings
and robberies. Not a trigger was squeezed as government officers led by J. Edgar Hoover, chief of the bureau of Investigation, closed in on the only remaining fugitive from the 25 persons accused by the department of
justice of Implication In the $200,0000 abduction here in 1934 of Edward
O. Bremer.
"Campbell showed a little resistance," said Hoover," Intimating his quarry reached for a gun. But heavily armed federal men who had surrounded the Toledo apartment building during the night, pounced on the long-sought limping outlaw this morning and snatched his .45 caliber pistol.
Then following the same procedure which they initiated last Friday
night after the arrest of Karpis in New Orleans, Hoover's men, shackled
their prisoner with leg irons and handcuffs, hurried him to a chartered
“flying -patrol wagon" and sped him here with only & ten minute stop at
Chicago municipal airport en route. On his arrival in St. Paul, U.S.
District Attorney George Sullivan announced that bail of $500, 000 would
be asked for the gangster when he is arraigned on the kidnap charge
This would equal the largest bail ever asked in a criminal case — that
sought for Karpis in the Bremer and William Hamm, Jr., kidnappings.
A 20-year-old girl claiming to be Campbell's wife and Sam Coker, a
minor member of the now broken Karpis-Barker mob, were nabbed also
but were not brought here with him. Coker was taken in a simultaneous
raid on another apartment house in Toledo. The girl was seized with
Six federal men, headed by E. J. Connelley, Cincinnati, escorted Campbell

Public Enemies Taken by Federal Agents Without Shot Being Fired

Each Armed and Carrying Large Sum of Money--Coup for "G" Men
In two swift, bloodless raids, Justice department agents working more than half the width of the nations apart today arrested William Mahan and Harry Campbell and wiped the list of unapprehendcd public enemies almost clean.
In San Francisco, Mahan, was captured as he sat In an automobile on
a crowded parking lot and headed toward Tacoma, Wash., for questioning in the $200,000 kidnapping, of little George Weyerhaeuser, lumber fortune heir, on May 34, 1934.

Campbell Taken at Toledo
Only a few hours before, another band of agents led by J. Edgar Hoover
captured at dawn, in Toledo the long-sought "limping pal" of Alvin
Karpis—Harry ,Campbell. He was whisked by airplane to St. Paul and
grilled about the $200,000 kidnapping of Edward G. Bremer In 1934.
Both Mahan and Campbell were armed, but so swiftly were they pounced upon that neither could use his weapons.
The two stood as top ranking public enemies after the capture of Karpis in New Orleans last Friday night, and tonight a single, "lone wolf” kidnaper alone remained at large. He is Thomas H. Robinson, Jr., wanted for the abduction of Mrs. Speed Stoll, Louisville. Ky., society
leader, on Oct. 10, 1934.
Hoover, as chief of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, announced
both of today's captures. Half an hour after sis plane landed from
Cleveland, where he made known that Campbell had been taken, Hoover told reporters of the arrest of Mahan.
His second announcement came as a complete surprise. He had talked with reporters for 15 minutes about the Campbell case, and as they turned to go. someone asked:
"When are you going to catch William Mahan?”

"Oh, by the way," Hoover smiled, "I almost forgot to tell you. We
picked up Mahan in San Francisco at 12:30 this noon.

Mahan Carried $7300.
The Weyerhaeuser suspect was seated in his automobile, parked in a lot. San Francisco, Hoover said. He added that although the ex blacksmith and robber had a gun with him, he offered no resistance.
The sum of $7300 was found on Mahan, Hoover continued, adding that part of this was Weyerhaeuser ransom money. The serial numbers on the ransom, money had been altered, but the bureau of investigation chief said the crime scientists of his bureau had been able to identify-other altered bills which have been picked up in following Mahan's trail despite attempts to obliterate the numbers.
An additional $13.000 was from recovered Mahan after his arrest, Hoover said.
Mahan admitted his Identity but did not confess to the Weyerhaeuser crime, Hoover revealed, but at once added: "He didn't need to confess. We've got enough, to convict him.”

Exacted $200,000 Ransom
Nine-year old George Weyerhaeuser was seized as he walked home from his Tacoma, Washington school at noon. He was held In hideouts Issaquah, Washington, Kansakat, Washington, and in Spokane, and was released near Issaquah seven days after the kidnapping on payment of $200.000 by his father.
Herman Metz Waley is serving 45 years in Alcatraz Island penitentiary
for the crime, and his wife, Margaret Thulin Waley, is serving 20
years In the Milan. Mich. Detention farm.
Told In Tacoma of the capture of Mahan, Mrs. J. P. Weyerhaeuser said:
"surely you are joking." And nearly collapsed. A few minutes later she
recovered somewhat, but refused to comment.

Campbell Carried $2.000
Hoover also gave added details of the Campbell arrest, saying
Karpis’ pal had $2,000 on his person when arrested, and Sam Coker, also arrested at Toledo today, had $1,500 on his person.
Hoover referred to Coker as one of our dear parole boys from McAlester, Okla. state penitentiary."
Coker, he said, served a term there with Arthur "Doc" Barker, and other members of the Barker-Karpis mob, which the capture of Campbell wiped out. Hoover describes Coker as associated with the Barker-Karpis gang, but not in it.
Although Coker could be charged with harboring a criminal, Hoover
said he probably would be returned to Oklahoma State penitentiary to serve the remaining 18 years of his 30 year sentence for a bank robbery at Nowata, Okla.

Women Not Held
Two women, a red haired girl called “Ruth Robinson”, arrested with Karpis, and the 20 year old wife of Campbell, arrested with him, were both released without being charged with any offense.

Campbell married the young girl just about a year ago in Bowling
Green, O. Hoover said. That was only a few months after Campbell’s “Moll”, Winona Burdette had been captured by police after Campbell
and Karpis fled an Atlantic City, New Jersey hotel. The Burdette woman and Delores Delaney, Karpis’ favorite Moll both were sentenced to five years in the Milan Mich. Detention farm for harboring the criminals.

( formerly Cowboy Dan)

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Thanks again for adding to Harry's page some things that I didn't have for him.

Am going to ck out the The Times recorder on the various websites that have old newspapers to see if I can find anything more on Harry that might have slipped through the looking.

It took some deep digging but we did manage to find a good picture of Harry and boy did his daughter Eula favor him good even down to those Campbell blue eyes that alot of this line of Campbells have and had.

Thanks again for the info
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harry married gertrude in bowling green as robert miller, according to her statements to the f.b.I. they livrd in a camping trailer parked in her mother's yard until cold weather hit.
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