How would I find
the parole and pardon records of someone who was sentenced to ten years in McAlester in 1932 for the slaying of a City Marshal; he served only a few months and was first paroled and later pardoned by Governor Murray. He was taken to McAlester in November, 1932, so presumably he was out sometime in 1933. He was then shot and killed himself in 1937.

I am endeavoring to determine what the basis was for him beng paroled and then pardoned by Governor Murray.

Would this information be in the files of McAlester or would it be in the files of the Department of Corrections in Oklahoma City?

What is hard for me to fathom is the fact that he was tried and acquitted of murder in the 19teens; convicted of robbing a man of his car load of whiskey in 1920 (during prohibition); shot and killed the city marshal of Ryan, OK in 1931 - appealed this and lost and finally went to McAlester November 1932.
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There were a number of questionable paroles, leaves of absence, pardons and other favors during that time in OK. Some documents were simply forged and presented to allow release of a prisoner. Some cases included bribes to high officials. Those who remained in McAlester for their full sentence didn't have contacts or money.
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