Grant County Sheriff Frank Hamilton

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Sun February 11 2018, 08:16 PM
Grant County Sheriff Frank Hamilton
I am new to the forum and may be asking a question already asked. I am, and have been attempting to locate a photograph of Grant County Sheriff Frank Hamilton (1914-1918) or one from his time as Undersheriff in the 1930s. I have contacted the Grant County Sheriff Department and Grant County Historical Center, with no luck. I have also made a request through the Oklahoma Historical Society, also no luck. I know the robbery of the Medford Bank in 1932 was covered in the Medford Patriot Star but cannot find that either. Does anyone have any other suggestions that may help? I am going to make a new request to the Ok Historical Society this week.
Ronnie J
Tue February 20 2018, 08:55 PM
Ronnie J,

Check-out Forum on this website entitled: "Old West" Oklahombres Pre-1907 . . . go to Page 11 for the posting by Myrna Inglis titled "The Newton Brothers". It's all about the Medford Bank Robbery, reported in the Medford Patriot Star dtd 4/14/1932 & 4/21/1932.

Willis and Joe Newton captured & held hostage more than twenty (20) townspeople, including UnderSheriff Frank Hamilton, while they robbed the Medford Bank. Sheriff Crider observed the robbery from his hiding place in the Bakery across the street from the bank.

I remember one issue of the Star with frontpage photos of several of the participants in this event; however, I can't recall whether or not Hamilton's photo was shown. I'll try to find my copy of the newspaper article, and let you know.
Wed February 21 2018, 06:15 PM
Thank you for the information. I was able to obtain the articles last week from the Oklahoma Historical Society. I have been looking for the article and photo of Undersheriff Hamilton as I own his badge from his term as sheriff and his undersheriff badge.
I have a large collection of Oklahoma law enforcement badges and other items dating back to about 1880. Take a look at my "work in progress" website. It is Oklahomapolicebadge.com
I have added the article to my Grant County items. I have been adding my collection a little at a time, when time allows. I still have several hundred badges to add. It is a work in progress for sure.