Guns of Bonnie & Clyde
Here is an interesting news story:

Guns up for auction

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I signed up with the auction site last week. I doubt I can be a player though. I would bet each brings north of $150K.
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Interesting! A long story but I have one of Ted Hinton's .45 Auto's used by him that day in the Ambush. Ted Hinton was a Dallas Texas deputy sheriff assigned to tracking down Bonnie and Clyde. Ted's partner was Bob Alcorn. Ted Hinton's automatic was verified by his Son "Boots" Hinton of Gibsland B&C museum. I have another U.S.Army .45 auto that was recovered at the Red Crown Courts after the shootout. As late it has not been verified by serial, but I'm still working on it. Most of Clyde's arsenal came from National Guard armory burglaries, (i.e.Ranger Texas, Enid, OK. etc.). Other verified weapons are in the custody of the Frank Hamer estate and the Texas ranger museum, Waco, TX. True Okie
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