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Ma Barker Gang
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Originally posted by john:
I am seeking information on Q. P. McGhee and any help would be appreciated.

I don't know a whole lot about Q. P. Mcghee except that I am his great great nephew. My great grandmother's brother. I am told he was the Barker gang's lawyer and when the youngest was in prison he was to either get him off or become dead so he ended up hiding in So Calif. for a while. My mother met his son and his wife, I think. My grandmother was Ma Barker's friend until she found out what she did for a living.
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My book, "A Murder in Tulsa: The Sherrill Murder Case and the Rise of the Barker-Karpis Gang," has some information on your relative. Also we had an hombre member who wrote a story on him too a few Journals ago. Our editor may be able to send you a copy of that story if you like. Bye for now.
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it was never the ma barker gang except in FBIi press releasesby J. Edgar Hoover.
q.P. McGHee became an informant for the FBI against the Barker-Karpis gang. He was a representative of a movie distributor at the time and traveled the nation for the distributor I found this information while researching mr grandmother's brother, Alvin karpis.
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Dunno how helpful this will be in researching Edna Murray,Paula Harmon,etc.,but just in case....

The Social Security Death Index is sometimes a good tool in providing death dates;the key is if the deceased had a Social Security number.
Aging molls and ex-cons may have had one by the time of their natural demise.
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