Isadore Blumenfeld
Does anyone know how Isadore Blumenfeld received the nickname Kid Cann?
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Isadore Blumenfeld, commonly known as Kid Cann, was one of the most notorious gangsters in the history of Minnesota. He was born on Sept. 8, 1900 and died June 21, 1981. He is buried in the Adath Yeshurun Jewish Cemetery in Edina, MN. He had two brothers, Harry and Jacob, known as "Yiddy Bloom." Since this is not an Oklahoma gangster many readers may have not heard of this individual. I am not sure of how he received his nickname, but suspect it was given to him as youngster. Possible because he could do things, for example, someone may have stated once that "the kid can!" So, his buddies and/or brothers called him "Kid Cann." In 1935, Kid Cann was arrested for the murder of Walter W. Liggett, founder and editor of a weekly paper called "The Midwest American." Many witnesses stated it was the "Kid" who had killed Liggett. But a poor investigative team and an even more careless trial meant an acquittal for Kid Cann. Blumenfeld was also indicted for the killing of a taxicab driver and a suspect in the murder of a police officer. In 1959, Kid Cann was convicted on Federal charges of transporting a Chicago prostitute across State lines. His conviction would soon be overturned, but he was again tried and convicted of jury tampering and extorting kickbacks from bars and nightclubs around Minneapolis. During his trial it was revealed that Kid Cann was also receiving a cut of the money skimmed from at least one casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. After his release from prison, Kid Cann moved to Miami Beach, Florida with his gangster friend, Meyer Lansky. Together, they made money through illegal stock market activities, money laundering, and questionable real-estate activities. He visited Minnesota frequently and died in Minneapolis of heart disease in 1981.
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There is an Oklahoma connection, tho, however tenuous. Blumenfeld was one of those arrested and indicted for passing ransom money from the Urschel kidnapping. As usual he was acquitted, tho two Minneapolis associates, Clifford Skelly and Edward "Barney" Berman, were convicted on this charge.
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Hi all -

I'm a new member, and I happened upon this site while searching for resources on Kid Cann.

My grandparents actually live in the house he had built here in St. Louis Park, MN in the 20's or 30's. It's an AWESOME house! I will upload a pic if possible. It's kinda spooky looking, though.

Its all stone, and has a spiral staircase and a garage attic.

Thanks for this blog!
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Kid Cann said his nickname came from his boxing days.
Another explanation is that his nickname came from a character in a comic strip from the teens. He preferred to be called Fergie.
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Here are Barney Berman and Cliff Skelly in Oklahoma City during the trial.
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Cliff Skelly
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Isadore Blumenfeld was my friend while I lived in Miami Beach during the 1970's as was his brother Yiddi. I worked in the Singapore Hotel. They frequently took me to dinner and were very kind to me and my young children. Isadore was known as "Fergie Blum". When I knew them, they were very family oriented people. Fergie got the name "Kid Can" because he "took the rap" for crimes of others according to what he personally told me. He and Yiddi played cards every afternoon on the mezanine of the hotel with Meyer Lansky. I was young and very naive at the time, and never believed the stories that others told me about them. I only knew them as fun, kind people. I will never forget when Fergie and Yiddi had a decorated Christmas tree delivered to my home with many wrapped gifts for my children. I went out to eat with them several times a week.
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St Louis Park historical Society

Here's an interesting article.
It would appear that the Stone house in St Louis Park was actually owned by Yiddy Bloom, not Kid Cann. Harry Bloom lived about a mile away. Fergie actually lived in quite a few different places, but never St. Louis Park.
As an an adult he lived in Uptown, South Minneapolis, Close to Lake Calhoun and The Bryn Mawr neighborhood.

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Fergie, Yiddy and an unidentified pal. Miami 1969
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