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Hello guys I have recently found a passion for western history im also a history major looking for help on a research paper.Im looking for more information about:

James "Deacon" Miller, Angus "Gus" Bobbitt, Allen, West, and Burrell.

I know many of you have or know where i can find more info.I feel that I have exhausted my resources with newspaper articles and Welbourne Hope's book Four Men Harnging and Glen Shirleys book Shotgun for hire. Anymore help would be greatly appreciated. Thank
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If you would like to send me your email address I have some original documents relating to the hanging found in the scrapbook of Deputy Marshal Thomas Edward Brents. I also have quite a bit of info on Bobbitt.

There is a recently published book by a man out of Texas (name of author and book escapes me) that probably has some more recent info as well.

If interested email me at dironahlquist@yahoo.com

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Diron Ahlquist
Secretary, Oklahombres Inc.
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Thanks alot I have sent you my email and I will be waiting for any info that can help me.
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I believe Chuck Parsons of Luling, Texas, recently wrote a book on the hanging. The title might be "James Brown Miller and Death in Oklahoma: Was Justice Denied in Ada?". Also the April 2009 Journal of Wild West History Association has two articles dealing with the Ada hanging, "The Bobbitt Assassination and Infamous Lynching in Ada, Oklahoma, 1909" by Ellis Lindsey and Gene Riggs, and "A New Look at the Lynching in Ada, Oklahoma" by Dennis McCown. The endnotes of these articles are extensive and would provide you with much research material. You might get more info on the articles at www.wildwesthistory.org.
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The two articles mentioned by Mr. Avance are excellent. The "Endnotes" and/or "Notes and Sources" from these two articles are all one would need for a PhD dissertation on the subject. Here are a few more sources:

(Books) "Jim Miller - The Untold Story", by Bill James (1983/1989/2001); "More Oklahoma Renegades", by Ken Butler (2007) - 'The Troublesome Stevenson Brothers' {Ch. 8 pp. 99-114}; "The Pontotoc Conspiracy", by Phillip M. Swatek (2003); "Oklahoma Heroes", by Ron Owens - Re: Ben Collins murder {pp. 71-72}; "Riata and Spurs", by Charles A. Siringo (1931) - 'Jim Miller - The Vicious Man-Killer {Ch. 17 pp. 212-218}; "Mean As Hell", by Dee Harkey (1948); "He Made It Safe Murder - The Life of Moman Pruiett", by Howard K. Berry (2001) - 'The West-Bobbitt Feud' {Ch. 12 pp. 321-331}; and, "Early History of Ada", by J. Hugh Biles.

(Magazine Articles) "How They Hanged Jim Miller", by Carl Breihan (Real West, Mar. 1960); "Killing Jim Miller", by Carl Breihan (Real West, July 1978); "The Man Who Killed Pat Garrett", by Carl Breihan (Westerner, Jan. 1970); "Jim Miller", by Jack DeMattos (Real West, Gunfighters of the, Apr. 1983); "Gun For Hire, Killer Miller", by Frank M. Freeman (Oldtimers Wild West, Apr. 1974); "Killer Miller - Gun For Hire", by Frank M. Freeman (Wild West, Sep. 1971 & Sep. 1972); "Mad Dog For Hire", by Vera Holding (Great West, Oct. 1972); "The Lynching of Killer Miller", by George V. Hubbard (True Frontier, Mar. 1969 & Special 1971); "How The Beau Brummel Died", by Madelon B. Katigan (Real West, Sep. 1963); "Killing Jim Miller vs Sheriff Bud Frazier", by Bill O'Neal (True West, May 1989); "Killing Jim Miller", by Chuck Parsons (True West, Apr. 1988 & May 1995); "The Man Who Killed the Man Who Killed Billy-the-Kid", by Charles Raymond (Real West, Mar. 1969); "Killing Jim Miller", by Richard Rescorla (Golden West, Nov. 1969 & The West, Dec. 1971); "The Last Ride", by William B. Secrest (True West, Feb. 1967); "Killer In Deacon's Clothing", by R. Barr Smith (Wild West, Aug. 1992); "What a Way To Go", by Bill Russell - 'Inappropriate Deaths of Three Violent Men' (Old West, Sum. 1997); "Jim Miller", Chuck Parsons (True West 'Legends' Jan. 1998); "Vigilante Justice in Ada", by Phillip Swatek (Oklahoma State Trooper, Sum. 2001); "Those Troublesome Stevenson Brothers", by Ken Butler (Oklahoma State Trooper, Sum. 2001); "Steel Breastplates of the Gunfighters", by Robert K. DeArment (True West, Sep. 1995 p.26); "Mannen Clements - Last of the Breed", by Patrick King (True West, Feb. 1995 p.44); "100 Years Ago (Western Logbook Column)", by Bill O'Neal (True West, Dec. 1994, p.10); "100 Years Ago (Western Roundup Column)", by Bill O'Neal (True West, Sep. 1996 p.11); "Shootout at Sacred Heart 4/12/1890 (Western Logbook Column)", by Bill O'Neal (True West, Apr. 1994, p.15.).

There are also a few other "periodicals" and "unpublished essays & manuscripts" available, if you're interested. Hope this helps.
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hey thanks alot guys for the help i appreciate it very much
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