The Bonnie and Clyde Ambush
Just wanted to see if anyone knows what guns were used at the ambush of Bonnie and Clyde in 1934. Maybe which officers use what. I have heard so much about this. One was Hammer was using a Remington and the I heard a colt auto. Maybe someone out there can tell me. Thanks for your time.
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In Bart Skeltons book Down On The Border there is a chapter called Texas Rangers-Lawmen & Colts.
In it he states Hamer carried a engraved Colt .45 single action as his primary side arm. But the rifle he used during the Bonnie & Clyde shooting was a .30 caliber Remington model 8f automatic.
Remington Arms engraved this rifle and presented it to Hamer in 1922.
He was said to have favored at diffrent times in his career the Winchester 1895 rifle and 1894 saddle ring carbine,as well as the Thompson sub machine gun. I read some where that other officers were shooting the BAR rifle this would in 30-06 caliber.
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Someone at the Texas Rangers Museum in Waco told me basically the same thing years ago. That Hamer used his engraved .30 calibre Remington Model 8 autoloading rifle. But he also purchased a .35 Remington Model 8 and a special 20-shot magazine for it when he first entered the Barrow case and the story I heard was that he loaned this rifle to Manny Gault. On the other hand, I'm told that the Museum displays a Colt Monitor (commercial version of the B.A.R.) and claims this as the rifle Hamer used on the ambush -- altho I suppose if there was as much emptying and reloading of weapons there as claimed, he might have used both. Prentiss Oakley also had a .30 calibre Remington, borrowed as I recall from a local doctor. I believe this gun was recently auctioned off for some huge amount. Ted Hinton had a B.A.R. and by his account also emptied a shotgun and an automatic pistol into the car. Henderson Jordan reportedly had a shotgun and by all accounts all the officers had either pistols or revolvers.

Hamer's normal sidearm was a single-action .45 Colt revolver but I've heard that on this occasion he may have also brought along a Colt Super .38 automatic. Whether there's any truth to this or not I have no idea. Might have, if he suspected Barrow of having body armor.
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Sorry I noticed this topic so late.....I have one of Ted Hintons Government model automatic...Long story.....got it from another lawman in Oklahoma....This weapon is verified by "Boots" Hinton, Ted Hintons son...henri40@brightok.net
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From the research that I have done, these are the firearms:
Frank Hamer--Hamer purchased a Remington Model 8 rifle in .35 (SN10045) from Jake Petmeckey's sporting goods store in Austin; he had Peace Officer Equipment Company in St Joseph, MO fit the gun with a detachable 20 round magazine. According to his son Frank, Jr the gun was procured specifically for this assignment. Considering the fact that Hamer had used this model for many years and had extraordinary ability with it, I'm certain that this was the gun he used. Frank,Jr also stated that his father carried a Colt Super .38 automatic pistol.
Manny Gault--Gault probably used the Colt Monitor in the Ranger Museum. At least one source states that Hamer loaned him a Remington Model 11, 12 gauge (SN78121), which is also at the museum.
Ted Hinton--Hinton, in his memoirs states that he went to his congressman and was able to procur a BAR. He also states that after emptying the BAR, he also emptied a Remington Model 11 and Colt 1911 into the vehicle.
Bob Alcorn--In a documentary filmed shortly after the ambush, Alcorn and Hinton recreated their roles. Hinton, firning his BAR and Alcorn firing a Remington 8 (probably .30 or .35). I would assume that these men were using the actual guns they carried that day, so Alcorn had a standard Remington.
Henderson Jordan--Jordan reportedly used a Winchester 94, in .30-30, although some believe he had a shotgun.
Prentice Oakley--Oakley borrowed a standard Remington Model 8, in .35 (SN48990) from Dr Henry Shehee, an Arcadia, LA dentist. Some historians credit Oakley with firing the first shot, hitting Barrow in the head and killing him instantly (which is why this gun brought such an exorbitant amount at auction recently).
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The Model 8 guns with detachable magazines held 15 rounds, not 20. They were modified by Police Officer Equip Corp and the mags were Serialized to match the gun. This one came out of the El Paso Border Patrol.

Tony Rumore
Tromix Corp

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