Who is Wesley Starr?
I have a document by my great grandfather James Wesley Clark. In it he states that he was a deputy for Judge parker he helped capture the Shelly Brothers in the Creek Nation. Also he states that he single handedly captured Wesley Starr of the Starr OUtlaw Gang while he was constable in Latimer County. I have searched the internet to find out who these outlaws are but have had no luck. I am sure I am not looking very good since my children keep interupting me and I keep forgetting where I left off.
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The Fort Smith Historic Site list of known officers lists a J.W. Clark as a "law officer" but nothing more specific. I have never found anything else on this man.

I checked the National Archives database for Fort Smith Federal Criminal Case Files and found the following "Shelly"s:
Ed Shelly, #68 Murder, #494 Assault
Frank Shelly, #494 Assault
John Shelly, #68 Murder, $494 Assault
Lou Shelly, #68 Murder
William Shelly, #494 Assault

I found nothing for a Wesley Starr under several different spellings.

If you are interested in obtaining copies of these case files, they can be ordered through the National Archives Southwestern Branch for (I believe) $10.00 for the first 10 pages and .25 for each additional page. The files usually contain the warrants/complaints which might have the arresting officer's name as well as those of his posse. Sometimes you also get lucky and find transcripts of testimony which might have the testimony of the arresting officers.

All of the Shelly case files had dates of 1895.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the info.
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