Henry Starr & His Gang

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Wed January 21 2004, 10:05 PM
<Old West>
Henry Starr & His Gang
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NOTE: Copies of most of these articles can be found in the "Henry Starr - Vertical File" at the Oklahoma Historical Society Library.
Mon August 09 2004, 02:14 AM
dos any one have any pictures of tom james or Henry or any of the Starr's i dont have any of them and thaer my famly
Tue August 10 2004, 06:30 PM
<M. Koch>

I have several photos of Henry Starr and recently had a story published by OklahombreS on Henry Starr. If you would like a copy. Please E-mail me at MJK2852@aol.com.
Sun October 17 2004, 08:57 PM
<Old West>
HENRY GEORGE STARR's main hideout was on the Moore Ranch, located 6 miles West of Nowata, Oklahoma. In his long career as an outlaw, he had several different gangs.

First, in 1892, his gang consisted of MILO CREEKMORE; ED NEWCOMBE, who is buried at Bezion Cemetery near Nowata; and, BUD JACKSON.



His "Last" gang, that operated in early 1921, included DAVID "ED" LOCKHART; RUFUS ROWLENS; and, OSCAR BRACKEN.

I would like to know "where" these twenty (20) gang members (or associates) of Henry Starr are buried - - also, "how" and "when" did they die?

Cherokee Bill was hanged by Judge Parker at Fort Smith and is buried at Fort Gibson, right?

Of course, Al Spencer was shot & killed by U.S. Marshal Alva McDonald's posse . . .

Let's see if we can "detail" the death dates and places of burials of ALL of the other gang members. No repeating, unless there are "differences of opinions" on what is known and/or suspected about the circumstances surrounding these notorious indivduals.

To get the ball rolling - - Who was KID WILSON? What happened to him? Where is he buried?
Mon October 18 2004, 05:31 AM
As for Starr's last gang--Ed Lockhart was slain by Mont Grady near Sperry,OK in 1924 and buried in a small cem. just north of Sallisaw. Rufus Rollen died in 1972 and in buried in Claremore,OK and Charlie "Oscar" Brackett died in 1926 of (possibly TB) and is interred at Caney Cem. located in rural Adair County.
Mon October 18 2004, 03:58 PM
<M. Koch>
To add to the last enrty as to be possibly more specific for you. Rufus Rollen died on March 9, 1972 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in Claremore, Oklahoma. Charlie Brackett died in 1926 (Month and day is not known) and is buried at Caney Cemetery in Adair County, Oklahoma. David Edward Lockhart was shot and killed west of Sperry, Oklahoma on March 26, 1924 and he is buried at the McCoy cemetery, near Sallisaw, Oklahoma. To read more of these three men you might read: "The Bandit Kings of the Cookson Hills by Mr. Morgan and "Ed Lockhart, an Outlaw from Sallisaw" by Ken Butler story from Oklahoma State Trooper Magazine, Winter 2002. Both go into detail on these three bandits.
Mon October 18 2004, 05:25 PM
An interesting side-note regarding Rufus Rollen.In his youth he was a noted rodeo bronc rider.He was inducted into the National Rodeo Hall of Fame in 1988....Ron
Mon October 18 2004, 08:36 PM
<Old West>
Hey fellas,

This is a GREAT START to my query! Thanks a lot for the excellent info.

Three (3) down - - Lockhart, Rollen, & Brackett - - Seventeen (17) more to go.

Anyone else out there in cyberland like to contribute some information about Henry Starr's old gang members?

Looking forward to MORE INPUT, please.
Mon October 18 2004, 10:12 PM
Will you please tell me more about Ed Newcomb, of Henry Starr & his gang? And about any other Newcombs in Oklahoma history. I know there are Newcombs on the Dawes roll, & have seen Newcombs listed on the Ft. Smith site: one, at least, was charged with murder. I have long tried to trace my Great Grandfather, John W. Newcomb, who was supposedly born in Missouri in 1833. He said that he had a brother, who lived in Indian Territory, who was married to a Cherokee? woman called "Black Jane", & that this brother couldn't leave Indian Territory, or he would be arrested. Thanks, Also, I used to be neighbors with a guy who was related to Belle Starr. He said either his Dad or Grandfather(I believe Dad) remembered being in her house, while she was cooking, wearing an apron and a pistol!
Wed October 20 2004, 09:22 PM
I think Jesse "Bud" Jackson comitted suicide; however, I don't have a date on that. He's buried in the Armstrong Cemetery in Nowata County.

Frank Cheney was killed by a Texas posse, somewhere in Lamar County, Texas, on July 13, 1894. Don't know where he's buried!?!

A. G. "Bud" Maxfield (NOT Maxwell) was killed by a posse shortly after the Mannford Bank Robbery on March 26, 1923. Buried - where?

Grover C. Durrill (or Durrell), who also was associated with the Al Spencer Gang, was shot and killed on December 11, 1931, by a fellow escapee from Leavenworth Prison, Leavenworth, Kansas. His partner killed Grover and then himself rather than be returned to prison.
Fri October 22 2004, 12:17 PM
LaFlores, & Newcombs. I emailed an older cousin, asked her if the La Flore brothers were relatives. From her research, she says most likely yes. Sarah Jane La Flore daughter of James LaFlore & Jeanette Jones, & her half-brothers, children of James La Flore & Martha West(Choctaw). She said that James LaFlore had 22 children, & that the West's figure into the history of the Choctaw Nation. Also, thanks to this site, I found the Ft. Smith archives on NARA, listing Newcombs charged: Ed, Charles, William, John, & George. If a person was charged with "larceny", was that horse stealing(or hog stealing, etc.)?Also, found Dawes applications, & a Nowata census with "a possible" on a Newcomb relative. I feel there is a link, as my Dad, & one of his Uncles had the name "Artemus", & there is an Artemus on the Dawes. My Grandfather's name was George. Thank you all.
Fri October 22 2004, 12:55 PM
Hey Martha

The term "larceny" in the federal court records could relate to the theft of almost anything. It could refer to livestock (ie horses, cattle, hogs, etc.) or personal property such as clothing trunks, clothing items, harnesses, saddles, guns, etc. The "gutsiest" one I've seen recently was when a man named Harry Warfield stole the change of clothing and horse equipage from a deputy U.S. marshal, his posse, and guard while the three lawmen had bedded down their horses in a livery stable. Now that is what I would call reckless!
On the Trail
Diron L. Ahlquist
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On the Trail
Diron Ahlquist
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Fri October 22 2004, 04:37 PM
Oh, Thanks, "OkLawDog". I am just in awe at this site. The one thing that impressed me was the info. on punishment meeted out. Whipping & ear croping. I would bet it detered crime more than the system we have today! I have an Uncle who was a Sheriff for many years, & my Newcomb G.Grandfather, whom I can't trace behind a point, was either a Deputy, or Sheriff in Palo Pinto co. Tex. I think before, & after the Civil war.
Sat November 06 2004, 08:56 PM
Crawford Goldsby (aka Cherokee Bill) and Henry Starr were "working cowboys" together on several ranches in the Nowata area, and the Osage. It's not clear whether or not they ever committed any crimes - - together; however, Starr became very aware and extremely concerned with Goldsby's wild, eractic behavior, and decided that he (Goldsby) was too unpredictable to be around.

From an early point in their youthful association, they parted ways, travelling the "Owl Hoot Trail" on different paths; ultimately, though, ending up with similar fates - - at odds with the law and death.

Crawford "Cherokee Bill" Goldsby was hanged by Judge Isaac Parker at Ft. Smith on March 17, 1896, and is buried in the Cherokee National Cemetery at Ft. Gibson, Oklahoma.
Thu May 11 2006, 08:36 AM
I am a relative of Rufus Rollen, mentioned as a member of Henry Starr's last gang.

My daughter gained gained some notice within the Cherokee community and many relatives have come forward. (So far all are valid). I mention this because one does geneology and sent me lots of things about Rufus.

Henry Starr made a silent movie "Debtor to the Law". A copy was available on eBay about a year ago for $1800. One of the characters seems to be Rufus but the credit list is very short.

I have some copies from newspapers about the capture of Rufus.

He did a year in prison.

Then at some point in time, became a sheriff in Dewey, Oklahoma.

The third gang tried to rob a bank and Henry Starr was shot and killed. But there is one innovation, this was reputed to be the first time a car was used in a getaway following a bank robbery. Maybe not truely the first. Someone on the forum will probably know more than I. If so, share.

In 1960, Rufus taught me to spin a rope. He was grandma's brother in law and living in Picher, OK at the time.
Thu May 11 2006, 09:50 AM

Mr. Rollins definitely rode with Henry late in his outlaw career. However, I never heard of him later becoming a Sheriff in Dewey, Washington County, Oklahoma. Do you have any documentation to support this? If so, would you share it with us?

M. Koch

P.S. You can attach any documentation as an attachment.
Thu May 11 2006, 09:43 PM
Sorry, Disney, Oklahoma.

I have no documentation. Just the conversations with my uncles (one of which is still alive in Wichita, KS.

Are there any resources you may have of him in Disney?

Let me also check with a cousin in Houston. She may have something.
Tue October 24 2006, 08:15 AM
Offhand question: Does anyone know if this Ed Newcomb was
"Indian Ed Newcomb," who was a minor outlaw occasionally riding with Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch. or this Ed Newcombe? "Involved were Jesse Jackson, an illicit whiskey salesman around Nowata who ran with a half-breed Delaware named Ed Newcombe and the Cherokee outlaw, Henry Starr"


around/or short time after March 17, 1869:

"One day Mr. Loving concluded to take a ride around the ranch. He took Carr Hunt, Shad Damon and Ed Newcomb along for company."

J.C. Loving,
Loving's ranch was in the Big Loss Valley in Jack County,
Loving's ranch, which was to be the scene of many exciting adventures, was about twenty miles long and ten miles wide, occupying the entire Big Loss Valley.


Fri October 27 2006, 12:55 PM
Originally posted by M. Koch:

I have several photos of Henry Starr and recently had a story published by OklahombreS on Henry Starr. If you would like a copy. Please E-mail me at MJK2852@aol.com.

Could you tell me - is OklahombreS strictly the online version or is there a hardcopy (paper) version? If there is a paper version, where is it published? How does one make contact with them?
Fri October 27 2006, 01:41 PM

Oklahombres publishes a journal for all members. We are behind in our mailing at the moment, but do have one coming out very soon. Dee Cordry is our president and he can be reached at Okhombre@ionet.net. Thanks for your interest.