volney davis
would like to know where he died in california i took care of a patient in sebastopol,calif,mid 70, at sebastopol conv. anursing home and this male pt said he used to belonged to the ma barker gang that his name was volney davis all these years i have wondert if this was true melissa
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Volney Davis was a member of the Barker-Karpis gang. Did he say he served a long term on Alcatraz? That he worked for a printing company after his release from prison?
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I can't help you with this, but it brings a similar situation to mind. About thirty years ago I ran into an old guy who claimed to be John Boyle, one of the Black Sheep pilots of WW2. Despite the fact that he was a patient in a drug and alcohol ward, he knew what he was talking about and I believed him to be who he said he was. I even had him sign a book for me. It was years later that I discovered where the real Boyle had been living since leaving the Marines, and it wasn't anywhere near where I'd met this guy.

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Volney Davis died on July 20, 1979 in Sonoma County, California at the age of 77.

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