Bonnie & Clyde in Oklahoma
Received the following e-mail. Don't think this happened in OKC. Thought someone could answer this question here.

Dear friends:
In the book Bloodletters And Badmen by Jay Robert Nash, 1973, on p.40, Nash begins the story of Bonnie and Clyde. In his opening paragraph on the infamous couple he writes, "The year was 1933 and the place, Oklahoma City, OK. It was hot and the young, somewhat well-dressed couple in the black Ford had the windows rolled down." He describes how the couple came to a corner, "the young woman driving braked the car...and glanced at the corner traffic cop with his white helmet..." She said to the man with her in the car (Clyde) "Watch this". She then produced a sawed-off shotgun, pulled up to the cop and said "How do I get to Sixth and Main?" The traffic cop gave her the directions. She "brought out the shotgun and, firing both barrels, blew his head off. The headless, bloody corpse swooned slowly in the hot Oklahoma sun and then toppled backward toward the cement. The girl let out a squeal, the youth chuckled, and they drove off. This was the real Bonnie and Clyde."
I can find no evidence anywhere that this account actually happened.
Are any of you aware of such an incident?
How could this guy print this, with all the details and it not be factual?
Please let me hear from you.
Thank you.
R. Brown, Ocala, FL
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Hi Bonnie & Clyde readers,

Yes, there have been many tales of Bonnie & Clyde and that is just another one for the record. True, Bonnie & Clyde did drive through Oklahoma a lot and committed various crimes, including two murders. But there is no documentation of them doing what J. Nash describes in his old book, which has several errors in it. I suggest reading "Bonnie and Clyde: A Twenty-First Century Update," by James R. Knight with Johathan Davis or "On the Trail of Bonnie & Clyde: Then and Now," by Winston Ramsey to get the full details of their careers in crime.
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Avoid anything by Jay Robert Nash like the plague. He is little more than a hack sensationalist whose works contain much outright fiction such as this as well as innumerable factual errors. On the other hand, the Knight-Davis and Ramsey books are, as Mike says, the most accurate and comprehensive to date on the Barrow gang.
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