Hi all,

Hope to see any members or nonmembers of Oklahombres for our upcoming Spring Rendevzous at Tahlequah, April 22 & 23, 2005. We will have several writers of the local area to discuss various topics. See our flyer online. Lets have a great time.
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My Dear Mr. Kroch,

Since you are the host and primary organizer of Oklahombre's Spring Rendezvous at Tahlequah, you should be able to answer a few questions that have got me scratchin' my head.

WHY was R. D. Morgan and his Cookson Hill Gang "NOT INVITED" to participate in the program? Was this intentional and deliberate "SNUB" due to some personal jealousy that you feel toward Mr. Morgan.

You of all people should know the importance of the Cookson Hill gangster stories to the region in-and-around Tahlequah, don't you? Are you worried that sales of his very fine books at the rendezvous would draw from the sale of your new book?

I feel that it's just OUTRAGeOUS for you to ignore his valuable contribution. It's sort of like having a rendezvous at Anadarko and not even mentioning the Fred Hudson-Jim Bourland shoot-out in the Robinson Saloon.

I suggest you extend your rendezvous through Sunday afternoon and include some mention of the outlaws & gangsters & badboys that made this region exciting. You guys need to check your egos at the door!
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First off my name is not Kroch, but Mike Koch. This particular rendezvous is concentrating on lawmen and some outlaw figures of the old west and not the depression or gangster era of the 1920s and 1930s. Mr. Morgan and any other citizens are welcome to join us at Tahlequah. There are many others you could have mentioned that have a lot of interest in the depression era events who were not choosen to give a program at this event. I am not jealous of Mr. Morgan and since you do not even personally know me, I am not sure why you even stated that. I am not given a talk about the Kimes Gang at the rendevouz and the fact that my book just now came available has nothing to do with the rendezvous. Again, Mr. Morgan and any others who have an interest in Oklahoma history are invited to the rendezvous as I am sure there will be something of interest for all. Sorry you feel the way you do.
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It has generally been a rule of thumb that the Oklahombres Rendezvous would concentrate on the "Old West" or the "Depression era" lawmen and outlaws of Oklahoma history. Mike has done an excellent job in putting together the Spring Rendezvous in Tahlequah, which will focus on the "Old West" era. We do this so there will be a focus on a given period of time that can be analyzed and studied. It is an easier for an audience to understand and comprehend what happened in a particular area over a shorter time period versus stretching it out over 60 or 70 years or more.
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I have personally known Mike Koch for seven years and can vouch that he is a good and upright man. As he stated in his response, there were probably many people who we could have had as speakers at our Tahlequah Rendezvous. However, given that we have a limited amount of time, we are restricted to "X" amount of presenters.

I've been in Oklahombres Inc. for nearly a decade and can assure everyone out there that none of us allow our egos to get in the way of fairly representing the lawman/outlaw history of our great state.

On the Trail
Diron Ahlquist
Secretary, Oklahombres Inc.
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Weighing in on this topic, It is not the responsibility of the meeting committee to meet everyone's needs and, even though this is an open forum, viperous attacks like Granny's do not need to be a part of the postings. This board is about history and learning. I don't think Granny is interested in learning, nor do I think Granny is owed an apology or explanation for the committee's decision regarding speakers but she, he, or it could sure use some lessons in manners.
If a member or even an interested person has a preference or request for a speaker, there is ample time and opportunity for that wish to be made known without personal attacks.
I am an avid reader of both Koch and Morgan. Unlike "Granny" I was at the meeting and though it wouldn't have hurt my feelings to have either or both speak, but, as it was, I was entertained by some really good folk, expert in their topic, and learned a lot and was grateful for it even if some of the material was not in my favorite research area. Those who missed it, missed a golden opportunity to learn something new.
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Actually, Mr. Koch took over the Spring Rendevious on rather short notice when I, Farron Kempton, had to back out of the Organizer position due to some personal family reasons. I was at the Woodward Rendevious and offered to head up the Spring one since I was fairly close. Mr. Koch stepped in late in the game even though he also had many other commitments.
Also, putting together a list of speakers is not actually a 'one-man' job. Lots of discussions occur about subjects, time-frames, and such. Then the coordinator 'coordinates' all the contacts, hotel arrangements, room arrangements and such.
I appreciate the effort that Mr. Koch and his team did to put this event together.

Farron Kempton
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