J. W. Pruitt

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Thu August 11 2005, 03:05 PM
J. W. Pruitt
Came across a picture in the March 31, 1910 Pauls Valley Enterprise of a man in cowboy regalia including two pistols belted on holding a bible and posed like he was preaching. The caption read "J. W. Pruitt, The Cowboy Preacher." This was followed by a paragraph from Sturm's Oklahoma Magazine for 3-10-1910 saying Pruitt travels, principally by horseback, and visits from town to town preaching from wagons or on the street. He is quoted as saying, "I can reach a class here that cannot be reached by the church. Besides this, my long suit is fighting the whiskey and gambling element, and I like to get out where I can tell them what I think face to face."
Immdediately after, it was explained that Pruitt was a Deputy Sheriff of Oklahoma County and makes a specialty of detective work and arresting horse thieves, and that at Chickasha a short time previous he arrested an outlaw on whose trail he had been camping for some weeks, receiving several hundred dollars in rewards.
Pruitt, having attended to some official business in Pauls Valley, had preached on the streets the previous afternoon.
Anybody know anything else about J. W.?
Fri August 11 2006, 07:50 PM
I am certainly no expert, but I wondered if J.W. could be the once convict, later preacher then melodramatic lawyer, Moman Preuitt (sp?). It seems as if the locations are mentioned in books and articles about him. I don't think Moman was his birth name.

It might be worth googling.
Sat August 12 2006, 07:31 AM
Nope, they are not the same man. You can read about Moman in Howard K. Berry's "He made it safe to Murder."