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20th Anniversary Spring Rendezvous
Madill, Marshall County
April 25 & 26, 2009

Saturday, April 25

9:30 AM - Reception at Woman’s Center building at the Marshall County Fairgrounds hosted by Marshall County Historical Society and the town of Madill

10:00 AM – Welcome to Madill by Mayor Eppler.

10:15 AM – Local historian Dale Wren will speak on old lawmen of the area and the Lynn/Long gunfight.

10:30 AM – Kingston Chief of Police John Canoe will speak on lawmen and outlaws of Marshall County circa 1900 - 1939.

11:00 AM – Book signing by the authors of our group and local historians.

11:45 AM – Lunch and Bluegrass music - Food will be served on site by the ladies of the historical society for a small individual price or you may dine at the local BBQ joint where a room has been reserved so folks have a choice.

1:30 PM – Speaker Fred Stanley, relative of Crockett Long, in front of the Corner Drug Store where Lynn/Long shootout took place.

2:00 PM – Reenactment of shootout performed by descendants of State Crime Bureau Agent Crockett Long.

3 PM – Back to fairgrounds building for a speech by R. D. Morgan on Bonnie and Clyde in Oklahoma with a special emphasis on the Stringtown incident and the death of Atoka County Deputy Sheriff Eugene Moore.

3:45 PM – Tour of the Museum of Southern Oklahoma followed by an address given by the Museum director concerning area history. A special photography exhibit regarding Lawmen and Outlaws of the area will be on display.

4:30 PM – Oklahombres Board Meeting.

5:30 PM – Ladies serve supper at fairgrounds with Bluegrass music and wagon rides for a backdrop. All events are open to the public.

Sunday, April 26

9 AM – Visit to Madill Cemetery, final resting place of Wiley Lynn and lay a wreath at the grave of State Crime Bureau Agent Crockett Long.

10 AM – Auto-Caravan Tour to final resting place of Deputy Eugene Moore in Calera (A few miles south of Durant) for wreath laying ceremony.
Tour ends except for those wishing to join us in a visit to the new memorial at Stringtown honoring Deputy Eugene Moore

We are very fortunate to have the Marshal County Historical Society host our 20th Anniversary Rendezvous. Several descendants of Clyde and Blanche Barrow will be attending the event as will other interested parties from out of state.

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Where is everyone staying down there in Madill. Does anyone have phone numbers for the local hotels? Where will the board be meeting on Friday or will we be doing that on Saturday morning?

Look forward to seeing everyone!

On the Trail
Diron Ahlquist
Secretary, Oklahombres Inc.
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Most folks are staying at the Budget Inn in Madill 580-795-5141. They are filling up so better call in near future.Board meeting is slated for around 4PM at fairgrounds building Saturday...Ron
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Directions to fairgrounds where Rendezvous is to take place at on Saturday, April 25, 2009.

Coming into Madill from Durant: Take a Left at first red light, about a block you turn right into Park and Community building on left.

Coming to Madill from Ardmore: Follow hwy 70 through Madill, third red light turn right and about a block turn right about a block take right and you in the park.

Coming from Tishimingo: Go 1/2 way around the square and turn left at Red light and go to second red light turn right, follow 99 hwy or 377 south to fairgrounds.
Hi all,

The 2009 Rendezvous at Madill is coming upon us soon. Directions to the Madill fairgrounds, where most of Saturdays activities will be at, is as follows:

From Durant to Madill: Take a left at the first red light as you are coming into the city, then drive around a block and turn right into the park and community building.

From Ardmore to Madill follow Hwy 70 threw Madill to the third red light, then turn right and then drive about a block and turn right again, which takes you to the park.

If coming from Tishimingo come 1/2 way around the square and then turn left at red light and then travel to the second red light, follow 99 C Hwy or 377 South to the park.

There should be signs to follow and flyers. Hope to see you all soon!

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The folks in Madill informed me the family of Crockett Long will be bringing several artifacts to the event for display including hand-written letters,one to his wife and a second from Gov. Murray, that were on his person when he was killed..... The wreaths that will be placed on the graves of Officers Long and Eugene Moore on Sunday will be ready in a day or two.They are high quality hand-crafted wreaths from a flowershop located here in Haskell---fringed with red/white and blue ribbons sporting a black and gold silk banner spelling out, "To a Fallen Officer."...R.D.
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1:30 PM – Speaker Fred Stanley, relative of Crockett Long, in front of the Corner Drug Store where Lynn/Long shootout took place.

Fred Stanley will be spinning like a top when he reads the above. Fred is a Wylie Lynn relative, not a Long relative.
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The 20th Annual Rendezvous in Madill was a great success and I am glad I was able to attend. Kudos to Mike Koch and Ron Morgan and the folks in Madill that made it happen. Overall attendance had to be over 300 for the day.

After I got back home I had an invitation from the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Service for May 8, 2009. One of the officers being recognized is J. T. Pratt, City Marshal for Madill, who was killed in 1910. It would have been nice if we could have recognized Pratt while we were in Madil.

Future rendezvous will have to make note of what was successful in Madill and build on that information and orientation.
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This was a fantastic Rendezvous. We had a huge turnout and in my 15 years with Oklahombres I cannot recall one that we had so many people attend. It was great seeing everyone and anyone who wasn't able to attend definitely missed out on some fine programs, the opportunity to purchase books by our members and associates, etc.

We toured the Corner Drug Store where Wiley Lynn and Crockett Long shot it out in the 1930s. The interior had changed significantly but with a little imagination it was not hard to imagine the smoke still lingering and the screams of the bystanders. The re-enactment of the shootout was very well done and all participants seemed to take their roles very seriously which was very nice to see.

I have some photos that I will upload this weekend so everyone can see what was going on.

The family of Crockett Long accompanied many of us out to the cemetery in Madill where we laid a wreath on his grave. The family was visibly moved by the experience and I think they were in awe that people who had no personal connection to their ancestor actually cared enough to honor him in such a way. His great-grandson who was in attendance carries on the family tradition and is a police officer for the Lubbock (Texas) Police Department.

I left before the group headed further east and paid their respect to Deputy Sheriff Eugene Moore in Calera, but I'm sure it was just as moving of an experience.

It was great seeing everyone and I look forward to our next Rendezvous.

On the Trail
Diron Ahlquist
Secretary, Oklahombres Inc.
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