Bohanan brothers
Researching the Bohanan brothers- Ed, Dave, Lon. All were members of the Indian police. Dave was killed in a shoot out at Coalgate. Also interested in John Bohanan,who shot his son-in-law in 1892. Wife Anna, daughter Lillie. He was charged and acquitted of murder. Trying to find his connection to the brothers.
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Here's all that I have on the Bohannans:

John Bohannan was a deputy sheriff for Kiometia[Kiamichi?] County, Choctaw Nation in 1888. He killed an Indian named Henry Lake at Arthur, Texas on January 1, 1888 and fled the country. He was located on the South Canadian River in Indian Territory in July 1890 where he had run a man named Frazier away from his home and taken his wife. Deputy U.S. Marshal McCall made the arrest and turned him over to Sheriff Gunn of Lamar County, Texas.
-“Decatur Daily Dispatch” [Decatur, Illinois], July 30, 1890

Ed Bohanon was an Indian Police Officer likely for the Cherokee Lighthorse in 1888-1895. In 1893, he was living at Durant where he was an officer with the U.S. Indian Police. He shot, and was in turn shot and killed, by a man named Turner or Jim Jackson in May 1895.
-“Muskogee Phoenix”, Thursday, April 12, 1888, Vol. 1, #9, pg. L
-“Indian Citizen”, October 4, 1894
-“Chickasaw Enterprise”, May 2, 1895
-“Indian Citizen”, May 2, 1895

Bohannon was a deputy U.S. marshal probably for the Eastern District of Texas in 1891.
-“St. Louis Republic” [St. Louis, Missouri], September 19, 1891, pg. 1

David Bohannon was a member of the U.S. Indian Police in 1888 with headquarters at Durant. A Choctaw Indian named David Bohannon was shot and killed at Coalgate in April or May 1894 by Ike Burrows who was arrested in mid-May 1894 a short distance from the place of the killing. That Bohannon was wanted on warrants from the Western District of Arkansas charging him with the murder of Ben Forman at McAlester in September 1893. Burrows was taken to the federal jail at Paris, Texas and made bond of $3,000.
-“Muskogee Phoenix”, Thursday, September 27, 1888, Vol. 1, #33, pg. 1
-“Indian Citizen”, May 10, 1894
-“Indian Citizen”, May 17, 1894
-“Indian Citizen”, May 23, 1894

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