Walker's Store
I found the following in the Arkansas City Traveler for March 3, 1880 and the Winfield Courier for March 11, 1880:
"One Brown, who was formerly a roustabout in this city, went to the Territory and played the desperado. He joined three affinities in that "neglected spot" and together they made a raid on Walker's Store in the Chickasaw Nation about the 21st ultimo. There chanced to be present at the time several citizens and a lad who were in the store. He went to the neighbors and rallied a force that attacked the robbers, killing two, and capturing the other two. "A little more grape, Captain Bragg," will wind up this kind of business."
Does anyone know where the store was? Or have additional information on the event? The only reference I can find to a Walker's store is Walker's station at Scullyville, but that was in the Choctaw Nation.
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Hey there Mike

I have found mention of Walker's Store in reference to the James Barker gang of outlaws which plagued the I.T., Texas, Kansas, and New Mexico during the mid to late 1870s. Sgt. Thomas/Samuel Gatchell of the 4th Cavalry out of Ft Sill was killed near Walker's Store in August 1879 while on a patrol with a detachment of cavalry in pursuit of the Barker Gang. I have learned through combining various sources that Walker's Store was in the vicinity of Stonewall in the Chickasaw Nation.

On the Trail
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On the Trail
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