Ed Newcomb
If it isn't too much trouble, & if anyone has the time and inclination, will someone clue me in about Ed Newcomb, member of Henry Starr's gang? While looking for Newcomb ( in Oklahoma )relatives, I did come across several Newcombs charged at Ft. Sill, & Newcombs on the Delaware & Cherokee roll. But.. thus far, that is all I know. I used to be neighbors with a man who was related to Belle Starr. He said either his Dad, or Grandfather remembered being in her home, & her cooking with a gun and an apron on! This gentleman still lives in Texas, not far from me. Thanks all!
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The only Ed Newcomb I know about was "Indian Ed Newcomb," who was a minor outlaw occasionally riding with Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch. This probably isn't the Newcomb you are looking for. I would suggest you repost your question on that portion of this board devoted to events after 1907. Many of the people who post there are quite knowledgable about the Henry Starr gang.

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Thanks! I'll do that.
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This might help in your search: From Heck Thomas, Frontier Marshal by Glenn Shirley, p. 180ff: In November, 1892, the Warton train robbery occurred. Involved were Jesse Jackson, an illicit whiskey salesman around Nowata who ran with a half-breed Delaware named Ed Newcombe and the Cherokee outlaw, Henry Starr. Later mention is made of Ernest Lewis, a fugitive from Washington State hiding out in the Chickasaw country. On Jan. 20, Deputies Rufe Cannon and Ike Rogers had a running battle with the gang. Jackson was severely wounded and surrendered, but Starr and Newcombe escaped. In April, Newcombe went to visit his mother on California Creek, north of Nowata and was captured by Deputies Gideon White and J. C. Wilkerson.
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Thank you so much! I am so appreciative. My Great Grandfather was so close-mouthed, that no one knows the names of his parents or sibblings, just a statement that he had two brothers, & one lived in Indian Territory! On one census he said he was born in Kansas, a later one-Missouri. I saw the post about the LeFors(LeForce) brothers. My great, great Grandmother was a Sarah Jane LeFors(LeForce) from Ark. The history on this site is just awesome! All my thanks, once again!
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