Dunn Brothers with Doolin Gang

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Mon September 04 2006, 09:27 PM
Dunn Brothers with Doolin Gang
I have been researching Rose Dunn (aka Rose of the Cimarron) and her brothers. Was just wondering if anyone has ever researched the brothers to determine whatever became of them? I have located the final death date/place/resting place for all of them except one - Dick Dunn. Anyone know anything about him?
Tue October 31 2006, 06:22 AM
Have "found" the death date and final resting place for Malendeth A.'Dick' Dunn - the last of the Dunn brothers. Now I can put "Rose of the Cimarron" and the dangerous Dunn brothers to rest.
Sun November 12 2006, 07:31 PM
Hi there Frawg,
I saw you mentioned in another posting that you were wondering if there is actual documentation of the Dunn brothers being commissioned as deputy U.S. marshals. I can't say that I've ever found original documentation. The only material that I've ever come across in 15 years of research is mention in secondary material (books, articles, etc.)

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Mon November 13 2006, 06:01 AM
The same here - I have yet to find a document any of them were commissioned. That is what bothers me about the published accounts of their having been commissioned - where did the information come from. I think I have read all the books where they are mentioned and have copied the chapters where the Dunns are discussed. I haven't given up yet. As I began to put it all together, it bothered me there seems to be no hard evidence they were ever commissioned. I'm still searching. Should I find anything, will let you know.
Mon November 13 2006, 12:00 PM

As luck would have it in today's mail I received copies of some documents where:

Wm. Dunn of Ingalls was sworn on 10-4-1896 by U. S. Deputy Marshal W. T. Dunn (having to do with Dynamite Dick and otehrs).

George Dunn of Lawson, OT was sworn on 7-8-1896 by B. Dunn US Deput Marshal (having to do with Dynamite Dick, Bill Doolin and others). What I don't know is who is his B. Dunn (it could be J. B. Dunn or T.B. Dunn) the writing is hard to read.

John Dunn of Ingalls was sworn in on 7-20-1896 by Heck Thomas (having to do with Dynamite Dick, Bill Doolin, etal)

John Dunn of Ingalls sworn in on 9-1-1896 by C. D. Dunn, U S Deputy Marshall (having to do with Dynamite Dick, etal) by U.S. Deputy Marshall C. D. Dunn.

Now I'm wondering if the B. Dunn and C. D. Dunn who were the Deputy U.S. Marshalls are Bee and Dal Dunn (of the Dunn brothers) or if they were two totally different Dunn people.

So thereappears to be some evidence somewhere that the Dunn brothers did work on the side of the law a little. A trip to Guthrie is quickly in the making for me.
Mon November 13 2006, 12:02 PM
Sorry about the louzy typing - that's what happens to my fingers when I get excited about something.
Mon November 20 2006, 08:56 PM

You say that you've received some documentation stating:

DUSM W. T. Dunn swore-in William Dunn on 10/4/1896 as Deputy U.S. Marshal; and,
DUSM B. Dunn swore-in George Dunn on 7/8/1896 as Deputy U.S. Marshal; and,
DUSM Heck Thomas swore-in John Dunn on 7/20/1896 as Deputy U.S. Marshal; and
DUSM C. D. Dunn swore-in John Dunn on 9/1/1896 as Deputy U.S. Marshal.

Question: When did a Deputy U.S. Marshal get the "authority" to swear-in ANYONE as another Deputy U.S. Marshal? Posseman, YES! But, Deputy U.S. Marshal?!? I don't think so!

Please state your "source".
Tue November 21 2006, 05:24 AM
I'll be the first to admit my limitations in iterrupting territorial documents. My search is to determine (1) if they did work on the side of the law in any capacity and (2) to determine if charges were ever filed against any of them and for what. It seems most references to both items has been in secondary sources without documentation.

The copies of the documents I received each are legal size and start out "The United States of America" - there is no heading at the top of the page (as is the case with other territorial records that I've come across). Each are signed in the first and second sections by D. W. Johnson, U. S. Commissioner along with his notary information stating that the document was "subscribed and sworn to before me"; then P.S. Nagle, U.S. Marshal for the Territory of Oklahoma signed the third section which states in part "the services of the possee comitatus employed by"; then the person sworn in signed the fourth section. In the fourth section where the person sworn in signed, on the line where he signed is indicated "Posse". It seems the key words in the documents seem to be "services as possee comitatus" - which to me means the person was a possee man.

I plan to have someone who is more knowledgable than myself in interrupting territorial documents review these and tell me exactly what I have.

As to my source - in doing my research, I exchanged information that I managed to find on the Dunns (what became of the ten of them) with an individual who is a collector of original documents and has the original of these documents in his possession. This person is a collector of Tilghman, Thomas, Nix, etc. memobillia.

Hope this clarifies.
Tue November 21 2006, 06:26 AM
Frawg, it appears to me the documents are "special deputy" commissions which is in keeping with the Dunn story. Deputy Marshals often appointed possemen, generally without documentation or badge. Their authority to do so is somewhat in question, but rules were stretched to the limit in the Twin Territories.
Tue November 21 2006, 07:37 AM
Thanks frawg, and Tower. I'm enjoying reading this, and it's informative.

It's kind of relavant to me, as I went to Palo Pinto & searched records, trying to find a written record that my G. Grandfather was a *Deputy Sheriff* there about 1867-1868. P. Reynolds said he was in his diary. No record was found, & the ladies at the Court House told me, that a person could be taken as a *Deputy* off the street.
Tue November 21 2006, 08:49 PM

Posse comitatus, or posseman; Special Deputy, or Deputy U.S. Marshal - - U. S. Marshal Nagle appears to be the "authority".

Very good response. Thank you for the information and keep-up the good work!
Wed November 22 2006, 09:48 AM
Marrtha, one thing you need to keep in mind when looking for Deputy Shurfs is that record keeping varied from locale to locale, depending on perceived need and ability. You need to also remember that generally a Sheriff's budget did not allow full time help. The deputies made up their own salary from a fee collected for service of court summons, travel, and rewards offered for some criminals. Another favorite ruse was to get the appointment and then hire out as a bouncer or an enforcer. The good ol' boy system was also in play and some Sheriffs would make an acquaintance who lived in the far reaches of their district, generally someone with a reputation for being fair and an ability to get along with folk, a deputy for that region. The best method to find deputies is a newspaper search rather than a court house search.
Wed November 22 2006, 09:19 PM
Oh, Tower, thank you so much. The Jacksboro, Texas newspaper began in 1871.

I'll see if I can find what newspaper would of been in print, that would of printed Palo Pinto news in 1867-1868. Maybe Dallas/Ft. Worth.
Wed January 10 2007, 07:52 AM
True Okie
The Dunn brothers were "Hired", "Deputised" Etc, only for the capture and or death of other law breakers that the Marshals Office couldn't seem to catch. Charles Colcord called the Dunns the "Worst" people that ever infested the territory or any country for that matter. Yes the U.S. Marshals office would align themselves with these vermin and even share the rewards. These were the same folks that murdred Newcomb and Pierce as they slept in the Dunn's yard. These are the same folks that stole cattle and ran them through Chris Bolton's butcher shop at Pawnee. After "B" Dunn was cancelled out by Frank Canton on the south side of the square in Pawnee, Oklahoma, the entire Dunn clan left the country (check that out). The bottom line is that a "Deal" was made with the Dunns, which included a share in the rewards. Word was passed along that they were deputy U.S. Marshals and some kind of facade paperwork (if any) was made up to cover. This wasn't the first time nor the last that law enforcement slept with snakes to catch snakes.....Steve B.
Fri February 13 2015, 08:28 PM
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