During my research today I ran across a seies of stories published in the Oklahoman from the book "Oklahombres" written by Marshal E.D. Nix. The stories stared Jan 31, 1930 Titled "Bring Em in Dead" Taming of Oklahoma Bad Men.

The quality of the print was pretty good but blurry in spots. I am wondering if you know where I might be able to purchase a copy of this book. I would like to read it. What I read was very interesting.
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"Oklahombres" written by Marshal E.D. Nix has been reprinted many times. I think I picked up my copy at a Barnes & Noble in Tulsa, in the 'local interest' section. I'm fairly certain that the Gilcrease Museum book store also has copies.


Farron Kempton
It Took Brave Men
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As the other poster noted, Oklahombres has been widely reprinted, and should be available at any decent public library of any size.

A first edition of the book is something of a rarity, and retails for about $75.00. A copy can be purchased from www.chapelhillrarebooks.com

An interesting book to read along with Oklahombres is Nancy Samuelson's Shoot From The Lip, which has many things to say about Nix, most of them uncomplimentary.

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Oklahombres by Nix is printed in a tradepaper format by Bison imprint of the University of Nebraska Press. You should be able to order it on line from Amazon.com or order it from any good bookstore.
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Thanks everyone for your replies. I hope I will be able to find this book.
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<Real Story Okie>
Tell me more about the foiled plot at Marland November 13 1930. If it involved a man by the name of "Gate", then I have the death bullet here in Nible county.........
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The Marland bank robbery was "Foiled" because Elmer Cole chief of detectives in Ponca City received a "tip" that enabled the officers t o reach the scene and lay their trap before the bandits arrived.

The robbers were J.D. Jackson 24 years old from Bartlesville, ( he was killed) and
Carter Camp 18 years old from Pawhuska, (he was shot 5 times but survived to stand trial and was sentenced to serve 18 years for his crime.) Found in other articles When Marland became Governor, Camp was paroled. Sometime later Camp was involved in a crime in Kansas, was murdered, his body was dumped in a wheat field near Columbus, Kansas, His body was identified by two brothers from Bartlesville.)

Officers involved were H.H. Isham Nobel County Sheriff
Elmer Cole Chief of Detectives Ponca City
Clint Meyers and Claude Tyler operatives with OSBI
A.B. Cooper of the Burns detective agency
A. Redman Chief of Police Ponca City
I.E. Webb Ponca City Plainclothesman

Plans of the robbery were so well known that Frank Muskrat, reporter for Ponca City News was informed by officers and accompanied them to Marland.

Except for the cashier and some witnesses the above names are the only ones listed in the Oklahoman who were directly involved in the "foiled robbery".

As I mentioned in previous posts, Claude Tyler was my daughter's Great Great GrandPa.
A remarkable man, I continue to find articles mentioning his involvement in the solving of crimes. I'm told he was an avid fisherman, I wonder when he ever had the time.

I did a quick search for the name Gate and searched for other Marland bank robberies and for Noble & Kay county robberies, I found no articles mentioning the name Gate.
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