Fort Wayne
Anyone know of the location of a Fort Wayne in the territory? I found a little bit in 'Forts of the West" but that is the only place.
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I have done a quick search to refresh my memory. Old Fort Wayne was located in southern Delaware county near Watts, and was an active fort from 1838-1842. Nathan Boone, Daniel's youngest son was the only commanding officer I can find listed. Even though it had been abandoned and in dis-repair Col. Stand Watie's forces assembled there early in the Civil War. The Chronicles of Oklahoma has some information on the short life of this military establishment. A good place to gain a deeper understanding of the fort's life during the Civil War is: http://history-sites.com/mb/cw/itcwmb/ a forum that is much the same quality of this forum.
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There is some discrepancy as to the location of Ft Wayne. I've heard that it was located near Watts. However, the historical marker East of Jay on Highway 21 about 15 miles south of the highway. Used to be ruins of the fort around an area near land owned by a guy known as "ole Doc Lee". The location is near Maysville, AR, where the Battle of Maysville was fought during the same era. Maysville has a marker as well located at the SW corner of the fourway stop relaying the story of the Battle.
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