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Actress Brooke Hidde who is currently starring in my film SPIES and MOLASSES has been chosen to play the part of Lily Birdsong in the western MARSHALS, I.T. which will begin filming June 1st. Updates on the film may be found at: www.drydockfilm.com
I would like to thank those who have been so supportive during the last two years in answering questions from a naive newcomer about the history of the deputy United States Marshals and the court of the western district of Arkansas! My newest question is whether anyone can make a copy of an actual writ cerca 1888(murder writ would be awesome but any writ would do basically) and email it to me so that our creative people can attempt to re-create one with the same terminology of the times and the names of the movie characters in it for an authentic look? Thanks for any help on this.
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I have a huge collection of Western District of Arkansas case files and am sure that I can find a murder case from the mid-1880s. What is your email address?

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