Lee Outlaw Gang
I came across a story in the Medicine Lodge (Kansas) Cresset, July 2, 1885, detailing the lynching of alleged rustlers Frank Morgan, Bill Williams, and a boy named Moore in June. Williams was said to have been a permit farmer living near Mud Creek when a posse of 32 men drug him from his home and strung him up. This same bunch then went north up to the Wichita Reserve line and allegedly hanged nine more along the way. This activity seems to have been a reaction to the activities of the Jim and Pink Lee gang in the Delaware Bend area and the story related "the noted detective, Jack Duncan and squad," as well as several other parties, were hunting the Lees. It will be remembered that the capture of the Lees is what launched the career of Heck Thomas. Now my question is: Has anyone run across other news stories of the Lee's escapades?
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Hey Mike

I've never run across any mention of such lynchings in my research of the Indian Agency papers of the Wichita Agency.

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