Seminole Burnings
The Seminole Burnings Case was one of Deputy U.S. Marshal Bill Tilghman's best detective work. Why did Glenn Shirley leave it out in his bio of Tilghman?
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<interested viewer>
What do you know about the Seminole Burnings? Do you know who was involved and the outcome of the trials held afterwards?
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I suggest you try the following for more information: The Seminole Burnings <http://www.seminolenation-indianterritory.org/seminole_burnings.htm>
and the book: "Seminole Burning" by Daniel Littlefield

The basic story is that a white woman was murdered by one or more Seminole. Two men were captured by a Deputy US Marshal and posse and then the Marshal incited a mob which lynched the pair. The act included mutilation and burning. The whole affair was a race hate crime. And, sad to say, it was newsworthy only because the Federal Government got involved in the investigation, trial, and punishment of the criminals who committed the act.
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<Art T. Burton>
I wrote an article in the Oklahombres Journal concerning the case and Bill Tilghman and Heck Thomas involvement in the investigation. It was the largest criminal case in the history of the Indian and Oklahoma Territories. With both jurisdictions being actively involved in the investigation and prosecution. The government wanted to appease the Indians seeing how they were in the process of taking their land through the Dawes Commission.
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I do not see a mention of Marshall Nelson Jones who was the one who left the boys in the house.
Jones got 20 years. Mont Ballard and A J Mathis were convicted and went to Federal prisons because the charge was kidnapping. The part that is not in DR Littlefield's book is the young boy, Frankie who's mother was the murdered woman was later in an accident near the brush arbor where the burnings were and his entire family was killed.
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