I am doing research for a bio of my great-grandfather, a mixed-blood Cherokee who lived in Delaware District, I.T. in the mid 1800's. I came across a reference to "Dutchtown". "Dutchtown" was referenced in a telegram U.S. Marshal Joe Peavey sent to federal authorities re. the Goingsnake Massacre. I would be appreciative if anyone can give me the location of Dutchtown. Thank you.
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Excerpt from Hickey.pdf
“We bought our supplies from a country store at Dutchtown, located just across the Arkansas line. (I do not know if this store is still in existence). This store was located about ten miles from Cane Hill, Arkansas.”

Excerpt from Ross.pdf
Dutchtown and Dogtown
“A number of years ago, when some sections of Tahlequah, Oklahoma, were sparsely populated, two names frequently heard were "Dutchtown” and "Dogtown". These were the names by which were known to many persons a place north of the Tahlequah spring branch, and another place south of the same stream but some distance north of the Cherokee Capitol.”

I don't know the name of your great-grandfather, but I would suggest doing a search on the Inidan Pioneer Papers Collection website for his name. Also do a search on the word Goingsnake.
Indian-Pioneer Papers Collection
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Thank you for the information. I was quite sure it was near the Arkansas line, but haven't found it on any early maps. Thanks again.
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I found info about the Goingsnake Massacre at http://www.usmarshals.gov/hist...of-duty-old-west.htm; and it seems that they had some kind of historical bus tour in Stillwell that went to the location. It was on the Centennial website. Look up the Goingsnake Massacre on a search engine, plenty of info out there.
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