Cherokee Bill

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Sat February 14 2004, 09:47 PM
Oklahoma Kid
Cherokee Bill
Cherokee Bill was the boldest and most colorful outlaw in the history of the Indian Territory. Judge Isaac C. Parker said he was the worst criminal that every came before his bench. Cherokee was everything Hollywood tries to make Billy the Kid up to be. Many people are not aware that the town of Lenpah passed a city ordinance protecting Bill if he ever came to town, they were so afraid of him. The ordinance was stated that no one was to impede his progress in leaving the domicile. Bill stuck up banks, trains and stagecoaches. He used the Winchester rifle in the same manner as the "Rifleman" on television but shot from the shoulder for accuracy and the former for scaring people.You can travel all over New Mexico and find Billy the Kid info, but you can't hardly find anything in Oklahoma on Cherokee Bill. The Cherokee Nation doesn't even mention him and he was a citizen of that nation. If Butch Cassidy, Jesse James and Billy the Kid can be folk heroes, why not Cherokee Bill. What's up?