Wealaka Mission
Are there any remains of the mission, and what is the location. I am interested in visiting and photographing many historical sites I have researched and read about, but locations are generally vague and contradictory. Also, is there a web site or database of exact locations of many of the historical events that have occurred in NE Okla. These places need to be documented and preserved.
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Rick, I'm not aware of a catalog but there might be. The Oklahoma Historical Society library has books dealing with specific counties and often sites can be located by that means. You can always ask them via email if you can't make the trip.
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Check your map mind has Wealaka on it. Old John Childer who ran the ferrie was murder by some misbegotton sould.
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The University of Oklahoma Press has printed a new Historical Atlas of Oklahoma. A couple of the pages features most of the locations of mission locations during the frontier era. Included is the location of Wealaka Mission on the map page. The new atlas is very good and I recommend it for everyone interested in Oklahoma history. Also it is in color with glossy pages. It is nothing like the earlier atlas printed by OU press.
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