Bud T. Kell
I have recently been doing research on Bud T. Kell. I have found quite a bit of information on him, but I am always looking for more and possibly an image of Kell. He was commissioned out of the Fort Smith court in the 1880s and was a sergeant in the United States Indian Police in the 1890s. Kell was the first town marshal of Muskogee in 1887 and in the 1900s was the federal jailer in Muskogee and after statehood was a city policeman in Muskogee. Kell had a long law enforcement career. By blood he was on the Cherokee Rolls. Anything interesting on Kell you might have or know about I would be interested. I would like to write a good article on his law enforcement career. You can email me at aburton@ssc.edu or post on this forum.
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Hi Art,

I'm sure you know that Bud Kell was one of the train guards (along with my great grandfather "Captain Jack" Kinney) aboard the KATY on July 14, 1892 when the Daltons held it up at Adair. And this was surely not the first time Kell and Kinney met. In 1888, another KATY train was robbed at the Verdigris water tank, during which a stockman was killed by the outlaws. A posse led by Charles La Flore pursued the robbers, and I have reason to believe that Kell was a member of that posse. Both he and La Flore are listed as witnesses expected to testify at the trial, some 4 years later, of Alexander Lewis, who was arrested by Kinney and charged with this crime. Finally, I know that Diron has a file on Kell, from which I quote: "In 1896, Kell was a 'night watchman' in Muskogee. In November 1896, Kell and Deputy U.S. Marshal Dave Moore shot and killed Joe Lacy at Muskogee while Lacy resisted arrest." That's pretty much all I have on Kell. I, too, would be interested in seeing his picture, but never came across such.

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John, thanks for the info, I was aware that he was involved in the Adair fight but was not aware of the 1888 posse action. I had received some items from Diron a while back on Kell. I believe Kell is in the photo of U.S. Indian Police that is in the OHS archives. I just don't know which individual he is. I have identified Jackson Ellis in the photo. Kell was a career law enforcement officer that was involved in a lot of police work over thirty years. I would love to find out where he is buried, most likely in or around Muskogee. Thanks for your reply.
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