Burrell Cox
Seeking info on my great grandfather, Burrell. He was a marshall in the Indian Territory. Also convicted of murder of a Chinaman (squatter) in 1890. He was married to Lydia Childers, Creek, who helped alot in his quests while in service. However, I am seeking info on his first, deceased wife, Sara E Cole? any info?
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I came across his name during my own research. He was a participant in the intensive manhunt for the Dalton Gang after they robbed the Katy train at Adair, OK, 14 July 1892. Robert Barr Smith writes:

Deputy Marshal Chris Madsen and dozens of other lawmen were also out on the hunt. Indian trackers headed some of the posses, and the combination of five thousand dollars a head in blood money and the killing of Dr. Goff meant that no place was safe any longer. It was hard to know whom to trust now. . . .
Nemesis [i.e. Heck Thomas] was even closer behind them now, the worst possible bunch of manhunters to have on your backtrail. Fred Dodge was very close to them, and with him were veteran possemen Burrell Cox, and Sac and Fox tracker Talbot White, and that most dangerous of pursuers, the implacable Deputy U.S. Marshal Heck Thomas, whom Fred Dodge called ˜a man that was known to always get his man--sometimes dead but he got him'"(Daltons! [Norman and London: University of Oklahoma Press, 1996] p. 71).

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just saw an interesting show about u.s.deputy marshalls.
I was wondering if i could get some more on that group of 3 i think that included bazz reeves? I'm not sure now. Anyway, just wanted to see if you could reply with some good links.
History Channel named the 3 with Bill Tillman as the ones who brought law to the Oklahoma Territory.
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The three guardsmen were Bill Tilghman, Heck Thomas and Chris Madsen. All worked the Oklahoma Territory after 1890. Only Heck Thomas worked the Indian Territory out of the Fort Smith, Arkansas federal court. The real bad outlaws were in the Indian Territory. This was were the deputy U.S. marshals fought their fiercest battles with desperados. Bass Reeves worked the Indian Territory for 32 years, mainly for the Fort Smith court but also for the Paris, Texas federal court. There was a Wiley Cox in the posse that captured Johnson Jacks the murderer of DUSM Addison Beck in October of 1883. Wiley may have been related to Burrell Cox.
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This is all the information that I have on Burrell Cox. Please post whatever info you have on your grandfather.

Burrell F. Cox was a possemember in Indian/Oklahoma Territory and rode with Deputy U.S. Marshal Heck Thomas in 1891.
-West of Hell's Fringe, by Glenn Shirley, pgs. 49-50, 59, 91-92
-Fort Smith National Historic Site Federal Employee Database, 1872-1896
-"The McAlester Capital", November 5, 1896
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Burrell Cox, Hank Childers and Jim Wallace were possemen who rode with Heck Thomas. I have seen mention of Burrell Cox in my research of Jim Wallace.......Connie Karle
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