Litchfields and murder
I recently found the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals decision dated 9-30-1912 that reversed the first degree manslaughter conviction of C M (Charlie?) Litchfield. Does anyone know if this is the same Litchfield who was the marshall in Wynnewood in 1906-07?

Also, I heard a story about the implication of two Lithcfield brothers in the murder of John Walner. Is there anything to this?
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According to the Wynnewood Gazette, the men involved in the death of tragic death of John Walner in 1905 were the Knox brothers, local pub owners. Robert Walner, John's nephew, was drunk when he came up to the Knox's pub and wanted to go in and awaken a patron. John attempted to prevent him and the noise attracted a passerby who went for help. Jesse and Robert Knox arrived and everyone moved outside. John Walner tried to reason with Robert Walner but the younger Walner refused to listen. Then he and Jesse Knox got into it. John Walner and Robert Knox tried to seperate the men. By the time they got Robert Walner quieted down, Jess Knox had received 13 knife wounds and Robert Knox had a slight cut in the leg. Then, the parties stumbled over the body of John Walner who had received a slash severing the main artery of his leg. He had bled to death while the fight was going on. Robert Walner was arrested by Dept. US Marshal H. Webb and charged with Murder. According to court records, Robert was defended by Moman Pruiett and the matter dismissed in November, 1908.
There was a city marshal named Lynchfield at Wynnewood, but I don't believe it was the man you named.
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Here are a few newspaper citations dealing with the people and events around Wynnewood, that you mentioned. I don't have the actual "text" of the articles...just some general notes.

1. John Walner killed William J. "Bill" Lewis at Wynnewood on February 12, 1897:

Daily Ardmoreite 2/13/1897 (p1c4) "Killing at Wynnewood" - Lewis was under indictment (at the time) for another killing;
Daily Ardmoreite {from Pauls Valley} 2/21/1897 (1/4) "Walner Held for Murder" - Exam. Trial;
Daily Ardmoreite 2/22/1897 (3/3) "(John) Walner Gives ($2500) Bond";
Daily Ardmoreite 3/3/1897 (2/1) "Valley Court Items" - John Walner Indicted;
Daily Ardmoreite 3/12/1897 (2/3) "Grand Jury Report" - 2 Jurors picked out of 40, so far;
Daily Ardmoreite 3/12/1897 (3/3) "Trouble in Court Securing Jurors";
Daily Ardmoreite 3/14/1897 (3/1) "Valley Court News" - John Walner's Murder Trial Begins Monday;
Daily Ardmoreite 3/16/1897 (3/3; 3/4) "From Pauls Valley" - John Walner 'Not Guilty' of Murder - "U.S. Attorney Cruce".

2. William Robert "Bob" Walner killed John Walner in Wynnewood on July 5, 1905, as reported by Mike Tower (above):

Pauls Valley Enterprise 7/13/1905 (p1c1) "Exam. Trial of Bob Walner" - Habeas Corpus Hearing;
Pauls Valley Sentinel 7/13/1905 (5/2) "Walner's (Exam.) Trial on 7/7/1905 - Moman Pruiet and A.C. Cruce mentioned - Case Story;
Wilburton News 7/14/1905 (2/4) "John Walner's Death" - index card at OHS;
Pauls Valley Enterprise 7/28/1908 (1/3-4) "Court News" - Walner Murder Case Set for 9/16/1908;
Daily Oklahoman 3/21/1909 (21/5) "...Acquitted at Pauls Valley" - Attorneys Moman Pruiett & A.C. Cruce mentioned;
Pauls Valley Enterprise 4/15/1909 (2/1-3) "District Court" - Walner 'Not Guilty"...

3. Here's what I have on the Litchfield case:

Charles M. Litchfield killed W. L. Collins, blacksmith and former Chief of Police at Wynnewood on July 20, 1910.

Wynnewood New Era 7/21/1920 (p1c6) "C.M. Litchfield Kills W.L. Collins" - Taken to Pauls Valley Jail; 7/28/1910 (1/1) "Will Be Heard After Primary"; 8/25/1910 (1/6) "To Remain In County Prison"; 9/15/1910 (1/2) "Garvin County Grand Jury Sits"; 9/22/1910 (1/2) "Doubles Bail of Charles M. Litchfield (to $10G); 9/29/1910 (1/6) "C.M. Litchfield Makes $5G Bond" - Former City Marshal, Charles M. Litchfield Killed Former Chief of Police, William L. Collins; 1/26/1911 (1/3) "Litchfield Case Saturday" - Lawyer Moman Pruiett mentioned; 2/2/1911 (1/3) "Litchfield On Trial" - To the Jury; 2/9/1911 (1/4) "Litchfield Gets Five Years".

However, as you reported, the Oklahoma Criminal Court of Appeals {8OKCR164} "Reversed" this decision. I don't know whether or not this case was ever re-tried.

Although the lawyer, Moman Pruiett, was directly involved in all three of these cases, none of the events were mentioned in the book about his life, entitled "He Made It Safe To Murder: The Life of Moman Pruiett" by Howard K. Berry. I hope this information helps.
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Sorry about the date error on the first newspaper citation in the Litchfield murder. It should read Wynnewood New Era 7/21/1910 (of course), NOT 1920!
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