Frank Eaton, Pistol Pete
I am looking for possible pictures or anything pretaining to my Great Great Uncle who was a Friend of Franks. My Uncle would have known him before the land rushes of the 1890s. Could any Pictures available of them from that time? Hoping to see if we can find any pictures of my Uncle and Frank at all, Dumb question I know, but still I am wondering.

I know my Uncle attained land during the Land Rush and was in the Loyal, Oklahoma area as late the late 30s and early 40s, it is possible that pictures could exist from those years as well, any idea where I could start looking?

My Uncle originated from Boston, Mass. He was an indian scout, stationed at one of the Forts in the Guthrie area, I am not sure where. My father was just a young boy when our Uncle would visit his family in Boston, many an hour was spent telling my Father of his adventures "in the wild west" with Pistol Pete. When my father went to visit him in 1938, he met and married my Mother who lived on a farm across the road from my Father's Uncle's place. My Father knew about Pistol Pete from those boyhood tales many years before. I would love to come across pictures if at all possible.

The reason I am on this quest is for my youngest Brother who passed away a little over two years ago, his name was Pete, yes my Father wanted to name him after his famous hero from his boyhood. I would love to have a picture to pass on to our family members.

Carrie R
Wichita, Kansas

Carrie Rahm
Wichita, Kansas
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For information on people associated with Pete, you can contact the Special Collections Department of the Oklahoma State University Library at: http://www.library.okstate.edu/scua/Index.htm
They have a large collection of Frank Eaton's papers. I would also suggest the Oklahoma State Historical Society's Archives at: http://www.okhistory.org/resea...llections/index.html
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Who was your Great Great Uncle!?!
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Pawnee Billy Howell, my 1/2 brother , and a Co-Host of "Blog Talk Radio" show OsagePost-HostHomer_J, will give a true tale about E.E.`Knows'Beach and Pawnee Billy meet up with Pistol Pete who autographing something that Brother Bill still has, tune in Sat. April 24,2010 at 5:30 P.M. Central Standard Time this will be a promo for a upcoming Radio Show, would like to invite anyone ,including all the Oklahombres witers, Authors, spin-craftsman-or girls-persons-whatever.Later~U-Know-Who
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