Bill doolin ambush site
Does anybody here know where the site is?
Is it on public or private land? If I can find it,
It would give me an excuse to go to click's
In Pawnee and find it after eating a delicious
Burger. Thanks for any and all info.
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It is on an old gravel road, so not on private land. There use to be a small marker by the site, but I think it's long been stolen. Don't remember the name of the road but if you go there and ask someone would be able to direct you to near the site or at least the raod I'm talking about.
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Once you arrive in Quay (name changed from Lawson in 1903)(about 3 mi NNW of Yale in Payne County) you will see a prominent house on a corner. It's a 2 story square house that used to be called the John Hoke house. In the oil boom of 1914 it was called the Root Hotel. Now it is called the Fielding house. From that intersection drive slowly down the road going West towards Eagle Creek. After about 60 - 80 yds or so look to the left (South) just next to the fence. You will see maybe 10 ft off the road in the bushes a board that is stuck in the ground and rounded on top. That used to hold the marker of the ambush location.
The Ellsworth house I thought was North of that location. But some say the Ellsworth house was really just South of the Fielding house.
Many western books give the ambush site as Lawton. Of course that is incorrect. Writers got confused when they couldn't locate Lawson on the map (it had been changed to Quay in 1903). So they thought Lawson was a mis-print. Also they got confused because Heck Thomas - who bushwhacked Doolin in 1896 - is buried in Lawton. Just some of the authors who incorrectly give Lawton as the 1896 death site is Wellman p 233, Dary p 134, Farris p 172 and Anderson-Yadon pp 154, 252 and 284.

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Robert Barr Smith in his Outlaw Tales of Oklahoma (2008) incorrectly gives the Bill Doolin burial site at Stillwater (p 36) instead of the correct Summit View Cemetery in Guthrie. Amazingly, in Smith’s 2013 revision of the same book he changed the ambush site from the correct Lawson to the incorrect Lawton (p 42) and keeps the incorrect burial site as Stillwater.
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