E. W. Snoddy
I was catching up on my Oklahoma history reading by reading Marshal Nix's memoirs when I noticed a reference to E. W. Snoddy who was one of his early deputies. This piqued my intrest because my great great grandmother's older sister may have been married to a Snoddy. I was wondering if anyone could provide me with any information on his family, especially his mother's maiden name. My knowledge on any relationship is muddy because my great great grandmother was orphaned at age 9 and I know very little solid info.
Thanks for any assistance.
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I don't know if any of this will help; however, I ran across this reference to E. W. Snoddy and his father, W. W. S. Snoddy.

(Source: Woods County Genealogical Quarterly, Vol. 6 No. 3-4, "Early Woods Co. Residents" by Joan Hodgen. Okla.Historical Soc. Library)

"E.W. Snoddy was appointed peace officer to accompany one of the trains making the Run into the Strip from Kiowa. Taught school at Old Kiowa 1891-1892. (?Tom Dyer first met him at Canema, Kansas, where he took part in debates at the school house in the Smith Settlement at Little Mule Creek. ?)

He came from Missouri in the 1880's to Barber County, Kansas, and was later the first Deputy U.S. Marshal in this part of Oklahoma, appointed long before the country was opened for settlement.

Selected a farm 2 miles South of Alva, but sold and then leased school land in the West part of the County for cattle. Sold out 1901-1902 and located in Alva as a partner with his father, Col. Snoddy, in the practice of law.

W.W.S. Snoddy, father of E.W. Snoddy moved to Barker City, Kansas, from Missouri in the middle eighties (1880's). Named William Wallace. Was a Marshal with Gud Hadwiger at the opening of the strip.

He (W.W.S. Snoddy) was born in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, January 25, 1837, and died in Montrose, Col. (Colorado?) on August 12, 1908. Funeral held at residence of D. G. Oates, 717 - 2nd St.

In 1894 was an attorney in Alva with offices located on the south side . . . (more 'not copied').
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Thanks for the information, I'm not sure if this is a relative or not; my great great grandmother's sister was from NW Ark. and I only have seen she married a Snoddy. It figures that this deputy was at Alva, I didn't know about him when I spent 5 1/2 years at NWOSU, and could have looked him up easier.
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