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Bert Casey, Outlaw Anadarko Tribune
from the Anadarko Tribune

July 4, 1902
Sheriff Bullard and Under Sheriff Coburn of Roger Mills county were killed Monday afternoon about twenty miles north west of Cheyenne by Bert Casey and a gang of eight outlaws. The reports are meager but as near as can be learned the two officers were out chasing the nine outlaws and the desperate men surrounded them and shot them both. There were nineteen shots fired at the officer al of them taking effect. Casey is the chief murderer of our late lamented Frank Smith.

November 7, 1902
Thrilling Scene When Hour Came To Shoot
Guthrie, O. T., November 4"”United States Marshal W. D. Fossett and Federal Jailor L. L. McCracken arrived here tonight from Cleo, Woods County, with the body of the notorious desperado, Bert Casey. The body of "Bob" alias "Jim" Sims, killed at the time Casey met his death, was turned over to the sheriff at Blaine county, Casey's body is now at Patterson's undertaking establishment in this city and will be held there for identification, although there is no possible doubt in the minds of the officers but what the dead man is really the much wanted Casey. Fred Hudson is the man who killed Casey. For six weeks he had been wit Casey and Sims, waiting for an opportunity to capture his man and place him in the hands of the proper official. His plans were repeatedly frustrated and the eventful affair took place yesterday morning. Ed Lockett, a member of the party, was Hudson's accomplice, and is the man who killed Sims. On Sunday they found four men were camped two miles below Cleo, on the Eagle Chief River. That day they decided to hold up a bank in one of the town on the Choctaw, north of Cleo. They had a team spring wagon, four saddle horses and three saddles. Hudson suggested that he and Lockett steal another saddle that night, Casey and Sims consenting. While after this saddle Hudson and Lockett decided that at breakfast time the attempted capture should take place. The following morning Hudson gave the signal and Lockett threw his gun down on Sims, while he covered Casey. Hudson shouted to Casey, "Throw your hands up," but Casey paid no attention, starting to draw his revolver. Hudson fired. The ball striking Casey in the breast, knocking him down. Immediately he was up shooting twice wildly at Hudson. He was shot four times by Hudson and as he was stretched out, Hudson took his gun away from him. As he did so, he said, "D"”d"”you," Almost immediately he expired, saying nothing more. Marshal Fossett was notified and with jailor McCracken left for Enid. They drove across the country to Cleo, returning in the night with Casey's body. Hudson and Lockett came with them. There are large rewards for Casey. He was one of the men implicated in the murder of Sheriff Frank Smith, of Caddo County near Anadarko. Sims was once arrested at the Hughes ranch in Washita County, by Marshal Fossett and later escaped from the Blaine county jail at which time the jailer was taken into the country two miles, being left tied and gagged. Casey is little more than twenty-one years of age. He is of slight build with a sand complexion. His hair is of a reddish hue, although attempts had been made to darken it. His features are sharp and it is said that he was an absolute stranger to fear.

Hudson and Lockett were hired by Marshal Fossett to apprehend Casey and the successful termination of their task is especially pleasing to the officers of the territory. Marshal Fossett has the guns owned by the two men and will keep them here.
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<Mike Koch>
To all viewers of this OklahombreS site concerning Bert Casey. To find out more about Casey read "Oklahoma Renegades: Their Deeds and Misdeeds" by Ken Butler and published by Pelican Publishing Company, Gretna, LA., 1997. It is really good and I would recommend it to anyone interested in this subject matter.
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Yes, Mike is correct. The Ken Butler book is probably the most comprehensive on the subject of Bert Casey and other outlaws who plagued the Indian/Oklahoma Territories in the late 1890s-early 1900s. Highly recommended!

On the Trail
Diron L. Ahlquist
editor, Oklahombres Journal
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Did you know that Bert Casey was in the house when the family planned the killing of the two bachelors, who did not live on Mustang Creek? And the two were not named Townsends. If this is the book you can find don't hunt. A more interesting thought would be where did they Hughes' come from?
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Perhaps the gentleman will be so kind as to cite his sources for the previous posting.
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Some sources probate and census records for starters - have a good one. John
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Originally posted by Guest:
Perhaps the gentleman will be so kind as to cite his sources for the previous posting.

Perhaps the gentleman would care to leave his name?
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Here is another account of the death of Bert Casey:

Cleo Chieftan
Nov 14, 1902

The Noted Oklahoma Outlaw Reported to Have Been Shot

Was the Terror of Both Territories

Officers planned a scheme and caught the Wily Outlaw and a pal named Jim Sims--killed near Cleo Springs, Woods County

CLEO: Bert Casey, the noted Oklahoma outlaw, and Jim Simms, a pal, now rest in peace. They were killed about a mile below Cleo by deputies Hudson of Weatherford and Lockett of Ringwood. The deputies have been with them for a month, camping around over western Oklahoma.

They came here last week and were in town then, Casey having some work done on his eye by Dr. E Christie. They camped over Sunday on the Eagle Chief just below town, and the deputies decided that the time had come to act, having given up all hopes of capturing them without trouble. So, at the given signal, the deputies flashed their guns, and commanded them to up with their hands. Lockett covered Simms, and Hudson covered Casey. Instead of surrendering, both outlaws went after their six shooters, and Hudson, fired hitting Casey in the heart and following up with three more shots. In the meantine Casey had gotten out his gun and fired twice at Hudson, but being weak both shots missed. Lockett covered his man but allowing more mercy, gave Simms time to flash his gun and point it at him and try to pull the trigger before he fired, and had it not been for the fact that Simm's gun failed to go off, Lockett would have been shot.

They were loaded into a wagon and brought here and placed in the morgue of Wm. Bagley and are awaiting the arrival of territorial officials to decide what shall be done.

Hudson is a young man 24 years old, light build, with brown hair. Casey, it seems, dyed his hair red a few weeks ago, and now it is seen that the ends red while his natural color is brown. he is not a large boy, and would not have been of age until sometime in December. He has 45 cartridges in his belt, and about $80 on his person. But little is known of Simms. He stole a team in Blaine County some time ago but broke jail and when captured broke again by forcing the jailor to go with him to the sand hills west of Watonga where he tied him fast and left him. He is a large-like man, with beard on his chin, and a rough looking character.

Great excitement prevailed here this morning when the news came and hundreds of people gathered to see the bodies removed from the spring wagon which they were brought to town in.

End of News Article

Another source of information is the book: W.D. "Bill" Fossett, Pioneer and Peace Officer by Jim Fulbright.
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