Writing about it.
In 1980 the big story in OKC was the Guest House Murders on July 6. The vic of that asasination/murder depending on where you stand, was my husband of 6 years, Raymond Peters. We were no longer associated at the time for the obvious reasons if you know the story, but there is a side left untold.
I'm hoping to write the book and complete a tale that has all the elements of a great detective story, mystery novel and who-done-it.
I'm looking for people who may remember these people and that time for their take on the events.

Oh, and by the way (and who is more myopic that a dumb writer?) hello everyone. My name is Lynne.
I hope to meet many of you here.
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I was a Deputy in the county at the3 time of the "killing" and always believed it to be an asasination
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What little I found, Clifford H Bowen W/M 3-30-1931 was convicted of the murder in 1981 and sentanced to death. He was released from McAlester State Pen on 8-1-1986 on a Supreme Court ruling that he should get a new trial. Does not look like he ever went back to prison.
Harold D Behrens W/M 5-23-1945 got life on 1st degree murder charge entering prison on 3-27-1981. He died in prison on 3-25-2004. His obit listed him as a police officer even though he had been in prison 23 years for murder.

Dennis L Lippe, Chairman
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Bowen was a dixie mafia character. He died of cancer several years ago. Bowen had an alibi that he was at a rodeo in Texas. The prosecutor (Bob Macy) alleged Bowen could have taken a private jet form an airstrip near the rodeo grounds, flown to OKC and committed the murders, flown back to Texas in time to be at rodeo. No evidence of a jet was introduced. Neighbors reported no aircraft taking off that night.

Peters was the target of the hit as it was feared he was going to testify against former OCPD officer Behrens drug ring. The other two victims were probably eliminated as witnesses.
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