Pat Garrett & Buck Garrett

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Tue October 26 2010, 12:45 PM
Pat Garrett & Buck Garrett
Today I received the latest issue of the Wild West History Association Journal, volume 3 number 5. It includes an article titled "Jim Miller's Assassination of Ben C. Collins In the Indian Territory, 1906." Ben Collins was a deputy US marshal of Indian Territory, and apparently knew Buck Garrett when Buck Garrett was also a deputy US marshal.

According to authors Ellis Lindsey and Gene Riggs, "Buck Garrett, a nephew of Pat Garrett, was a famous and big-hearted Oklahoma lawman in his day."

This is the first time I have seen this claim that these two old west lawmen were related to each other. Pat Garrett is famous, of course, for having killed Billy the Kid in New Mexico. Buck Garrett was a deputy US marshal of Indian Territory, chief of police of Ardmore, Oklahoma, and the sheriff of Carter County, Oklahoma.

Has anyone else come across information regarding a connection between Buck Garrett and Pat Garrett? Is this information accurate?

Dee Cordry
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Tue October 26 2010, 01:41 PM

According to Buck's obituary, his father's name was Larkin Garrett. Pat Garrett (born in Alabama in 1850) had no siblings with that name. Buck was born in 1871 and died in 1929. One source stated he was born in Texas, while another stated TN. I haven't read the article, but would like to see the documentation to that claim.
Thu December 23 2010, 08:45 AM
Basically, there isn't any documentation. There are a couple of web statements but no paper trail.
Most sources say Buck Garrett was born in 1871 in Columbia, Murray County, Tennessee. However, Garrett’s obit says he was born in Lenville, [Lynnville] Tenn. in 1871 and was the youngest of four children of Larkin Garrett, a bartender. In 1875 the family moved to Cooper, Texas, where the mother died, or at age 8, his family moved to Paris, Texas where his mother died in 1881(your choice.) His father abandoned him and he earned his way the next few years shining shoes and selling newspapers. Buck Garrett attended school haphazardly and grew into a tall, broad shouldered youth. At 14, he became a cowboy for the Leeper ranch and remained there until he was 19, when he moved to Indian Territory. At the age of 20, (1891) he was appointed a deputy U. S. Marshal under Marshal J. J. Dickerson of the Eastern District of Texas.
In 1904, at the request of the town council Buck left the Marshal’s service to become Ardmore’s Chief of Police, an office he held until 1911.According to one source, on his first day in office, Buck led a party downtown and raided 20 joints, arrested 10 bootleggers, and confiscated 140 gallons of whiskey, 12 gambling tables, and 44 slot machines. He caused the whole to be taken to the Court house, where he poured the whiskey onto the tables and other paraphernalia and set fire to the whole thing. During Buck’s tenure as Police Chief, his friend, Gus Bobbitt, a former deputy U. S. Marshal and rancher in the Ada area was assassinated by the hired killer Jim Miller. Buck had a periphery involvemen in Miller's arrest.
The best info I can find on Larkin Garrett is he may have been a son of William and Mary of Hardemann County, TN.He was born about 1825 in Tennessee and died unknown. On the 1850 census for District 6, Maury County, Tennessee, all the GARRETTS shown are related, and LARKIN is living in District 6. In 1880, LARKIN is living next to DOCK R. GARRETT (a brother) in Delta County, Texas.
Pat Garrett comes out of the John Lumpkin Garrett line. Miles Arnette; John; to John Lumpkin. And the family goes from North Carolina to Alabama to Louisanna.
If there is any connection, I ain't found it yet.
Wed January 19 2011, 01:02 PM
Thank you for the information you shared, Tower!